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A Call to Share Your Molecular Weight Research 3

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Since we introduced the Molecular Weight frequencies in August 2016, we have researched 7809 pharmaceutical drugs, compounds and elements. The data has been converted into a Spooky2 Molecular Weight database so their frequencies can be run on Spooky2, emulating the substance.

We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from users, with reports of outstanding results. So we had an idea, and want to share it with you.

What if every Spooky2 user currently doing Molecular Weight research could share their results with us? Through the generosity of many we will have a much larger database of molecular weight frequencies. This would potentially help hundreds of thousands of people.

So we ask you to please share your Molecular Weight research results with us by email at [email protected]. Include any research notes you may have, as this can be included in the Notes within the database. We will inspect every submission to ensure correctness and accuracy. Spooky2 will automatically convert the Molecular Weight into a frequency.

With the combined effort of Spooky2 users, we aim to build the largest free Molecular Weight database possible. Please help make this possible.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to your generosity!

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  1. The molecular weight for zeolite is 162.046. Here is a reference page http://www.chemsrc.com/en/cas/1318-02-1_1464015.html

    I imprinted the zeolite with the PEMF coil into a bottle of water overnight. It works fantastically another day. It draws the toxins out of the issue, I feel clear in my head. Very nice effect.

    1. *tissues

    2. Thank you for sharing.

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