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Are You Sleeping Correctly? Leave a comment

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Good sleep is beneficial to health. Humans spend a large part of their life sleeping, but do you really know how to get a good night’s sleep?

We sleep in a variety of positions, and different people have their own unique sleeping postures. According to reports, 90% of people wake up with back pain and body swelling. This is because they sleep in the wrong position. Of all the sleep positions, these two are the most damaging to the lower back: curled up and tummy.

If you don’t correct the wrong sleeping position in time, you will end up with bad posture.

So how can we sleep well and reduce the damage to our lower back? We can start with stretching before bed. Doing a set of stretches before bed can relax our joints and muscles, and it can also speed up blood circulation, which are all prerequisites for a good night’s sleep.


1. Place your back rhomboids on the edge of the bed
2. Raise your hands over your head and let your shoulders naturally drop
3. Keep your shoulders and chest relaxed for 10 to 20 seconds
4. Do it two or three times, resting a minute in between

What sleeping position is recommended?

Sleeping on your back is the best way to relax your spine. However, because of the body’s C-shaped physiology, you still need to pay attention to two parts of your body – the neck and waist.

Recommended Practice:

But if you are a big fan of side sleeping, we also have some tips for you:

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