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Can Presbyopia Be Reversed? 9

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Presbyopia, also known as age-related farsightedness, is an eye condition in which your eyes slowly lose their ability to focus at close range. At a certain point after age 40, it might become difficult for you to see things up close, but you can see things far away. That’s when people find themselves needing to wear reading glasses to read text messages on their phones, small print on books, etc.

Researchers estimate that nearly 2 billion people worldwide suffer from presbyopia. Despite its big name, it is not actually a condition but rather a natural part of the aging process.

Symptoms of presbyopia

  • Eyestrain or headaches from doing close work
  • Having difficulty reading small print
  • Needing to hold reading material at an arm’s distance
  • Squinting
  • Needing brighter lighting when reading or doing close work

If you are unsure about your eye health, you may get a thorough eye exam to receive a proper diagnosis.

Presbyopia treatment

There is no solution for presbyopia, but it is easy to correct. The simplest way is to wear reading glasses. Surgery is also available but is associated with a lot of risks.

Nowadays, more people are seeking natural treatments to improve their eyesight, such as changes in lifestyle habits, eye exercise, herbs, etc. See more instructions on natural remedies for eye care from this blog:

Eyesight Improved Naturally

Rife frequency healing is an alternative solution free of any side effects. It will be a good choice if you intend to improve presbyopia naturally.

Spooky2 has the world’s largest frequency database, which contains over 35,000 programs dedicated to providing you with accurate and beneficial frequencies for imbalanced energy and health issues. Here, we want to introduce some popular preset/programs for eyesight improvement.

1. Eyesight To Improve (R) – JK

Eyesight To Improve (R) – JK is a popular preset for people with eye issues, including presbyopia. Under the Presets tab, enter “Eyesight To Improve” in the search box and you will find it!

2. Some eyesight-related Programs

On the Programs tab, search the related keyword to find some available programs and double-click the program(s) you want. Healing Shell Preset will be a good choice to load these programs. Some popular keywords for presbyopia are “presbyopia”, “eyesight”, “vision”, etc.

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  1. When i do a remote programme do I need to scan the DNA before I press start and loop?

    1. No need. Directly place your DNA samples onto your remote and start run these remote programs:)

  2. This is just awesome. You people are amazing at what you’re accomplishing for and with us. Much gratitude & love to you all….WB

    1. Start your frequency healing journey and l believe you will get some amazing results soon! Looking forward to any updates from you:)

  3. You guys are awesome
    I was looking for a frequency like this how long each day do you use it and for how many months to see an approvement

    1. Hi, it will vary from person to person. Maybe only within weeks, you can see great improvement, while someone needs a longer time to see its effect. Please keep running it for at least half a month:)

    2. I did it 24/7 on remote for a couple of weeks and was surprised and delighted when I was able to thread the eye of a needle for the first time in about 20 years.

      Lynda Blennerhassett
  4. I did it 24/7 on remote for a couple of weeks and was surprised and delighted when I was able to thread the eye of a needle for the first time in about 20 years.

    Lynda Blennerhassett
    1. Glad to know, and thanks for your kind sharing:)💕💗

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