The answer is yes.

The first part of the Morgellons protocol is called the Terrain protocol. It helps you to detox from metals, chemicals, systemic, intestinal, blood, liver and kidneys, etc. It is designed to help your body remove all the unwanted "garbage". This is essential for rapid and successful recovery for most health issues.

Below are the details of Terrain Protocol:

Step 1 – Detox Mercury & Heavy Metals
Program: Metals & chemicals

Step 2 – Detox Other Toxins
Programs: Systemic, intestinal & blood

Step 3 – Organ & System Support
Programs: liver, kidneys

Maintenance Program
Detox: system, liver, kidneys, GI, blood, lymph

Also, the Morgellons Protocol is a comprehensive pathogen killing protocol, and does it in an order from the smallest organism to the largest, so any small organisms that are being hosted by larger ones are killed first. They are not released into your unsuspecting body if they are killed out of order. Many, if not all other diseases pathogens are also treated in this protocol, so it is functional for non Morgellons. The Morgellons Protocol also adds Brine Therapy and muscle testing aspects.

Here is the procedure of morgellons protocol:

Core: Phase I–Terrain

Step 1 – Detox Mercury & Heavy Metals

Programs: Metals & chemicals

Step 2 – Detox Other Toxins

Programs: Systemic, intestinal & blood

Step 3 – Organ & System Support

Programs: Liver, kidneys

Maintenance Program

Detox: System, liver, kidneys, GI, blood, lymph

Core: Phase II–organisms

Step 1 – Main Pathogens

Programs 1-4: Detox, immunomodulators

Programs 5-8: Detox, Staph spp., Strep spp.

Programs 9–12: Detox, Chlamydia spp. & viruses

Programs 13–16: Detox, other coinfections

Step 2 – Main Fungi & Molds

Programs 1–4: Detox, fungi & molds spp.

Programs 5–8: Detox, fungi & molds (all)

Step 3 – Morgellons Disease

Programs 1–4: Detox, pathogens, slime moulds

Programs 5–8: Detox, artefacts, lesions, itch, slime moulds

Programs 9–12: Detox, nanotech, chemicals, parasites

Step 4 – Simple Parasites

Programs 1–4: Detox, parasites

Programs 5–8: Detox, parasites, virus mop-up

Step 5 – Complex Parasites

Programs 1–4: Detox, insects

Programs 5–8: Detox, worms

Programs 9–12: Detox, flukes

Programs 13–16: Detox, all parasites & pathogens

Satellite 1: Chemicals

Step 1 – Detox & Reprogram

Programs: Detox, aerosols, reduce sensitivity

Satellite 2: Pathogens

Step 1 – Viral Pathogens

Programs: Detox, viruses

Step 2 – Bacterial Pathogens

Programs: Detox, bacteria

Satellite 3: Fungi

Step 1 – Various Fungi & Molds

Programs: Detox, fungi & molds

Step 2 – Internal Fungi & Molds

Programs: Detox, skin, eye, lung fungi

Satellite 4: Parasites

Step 1 – Simple Parasites

Programs: Detox, protozoans

Step 2 – Complex Parasites

Programs: Detox, worms