Using 4 Generators for Cancers


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Spooky2 has new full presets for the Plasma Plus, Contact Plus 2, and Contact Plus 4 methods of the Cancer Protocol.

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The Problem With Cancer

Using Rife technology to deal with cancer isn't simply a matter of killing cancer cells. There's much more to it than that. Cancer cells produce many poisonous byproducts as they furiously reproduce.

When you kill a cancer cell, it's likely to rupture and release its toxic contents. At best, it may retain cell wall integrity until nature and time take over. At which point it spills its poisons.

So, depending on the extent of the cancer, and the rate at which you kill it, you're going to have countless dead cancer cells in your body, all of them carrying – or leaking – poison. While our healthy cells are constantly dying and being replaced, these are not filled with toxins, and theyʼre not all dying at the same time, so our body systems can deal with this natural process without problems.

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife treated his cancer patients for five minutes a day every third day. He limited his treatments in this way so as not to overwhelm patients with toxins from killed cells, and to allow their body systems and organs enough time to deal with the cleanup of the destruction his treatment had achieved.

There's a very good reason for what he did: toxic overload can shut down the liver and kidneys very quickly, and can even kill. At that time, only killing frequencies existed – detox and support frequencies came later.

So you have to get all this dangerous rubble out of the body as quickly as possible. And you do that by using detox frequencies. Doing this prevents the pollutants from settling, and keeps them moving so that they enter the bloodstream, the lymphatic system, and the intestines. And this is where the next problem arises.

The eliminatory system consists of the liver, the kidneys, the intestines, the lungs, and the skin, but only the first two need concern us here. Even a healthy body would find it difficult and damaging to try to cope with an internal tidal wave of toxins like this, so a body weakened by cancer and the ravages of certain other treatments would be brought under great strain - unless the liver, kidneys, and intestines were actively supported.

And then there’s the problem of managing the pain of cancer without further poisoning the body.

So dealing effectively with cancer isn't just one single job of killing cancer cells. It’s actually four tasks, all of them vital - killing, detox, support, and pain control.

Prior to the introduction of the Spooky2 Rife System, you’d have had to tackle these jobs one after another. So you would have been sitting next to a machine holding electrodes, not just for a couple of hours as you perhaps believed, but for anything up to eight hours every day, depending on your condition.

But, uniquely, Spooky2 offers the extraordinary ability to perform parallel processing. This allows all four jobs to be performed at the same time by using four generators operating in Remote Mode. Plus you can use one of them daily in Contact Mode for some heavy-duty killing, detox, support, or pain control.

So for certain conditions like late-stage cancers, Lyme Disease, Morgellons Disease, and other synergistic multi-system multi- pathogen illnesses, we recommend using four generators.

If you’re willing to spend the time doing a couple of reasonably short Contact Mode sessions a day, then switching that generator to Remote Mode, you can make good progress with all four aspects of the task.

This guide aims to outline how I would personally approach it.

Contact vs Remote

The first thing you need to know is that Contact Mode isn’t intrinsically any more powerful than Remote Mode, but it produces beneficial effects a good deal quicker. It’s been authoritatively estimated that to produce the same effectiveness as one Contact Mode session, you would need to apply the same frequencies between 10 and 20 times in a row in Remote Mode. So a contact session that takes 30 minutes would take between five and 10 hours to produce the same effect in Remote Mode.

Since the only real difference between each mode is time, this means that the only settings that need to be changed to switch a killing Program from Contact Mode to Remote Mode are the Repeat values, and possibly the Dwell Multiplier and Reduce Amplitude (for detox, support, and pain only – hereinafter called "healing").

Contact Mode - Killing:

Load "JW-Killing" from the Program/ Patient Name menu, then load the cancer killing set.

Repeat Each Set: 1
Repeat Program: 1
Dwell Multiplier: 1
Reduce Amplitude: unticked


Contact Mode - Healing:

Load "JW-Healing" from the Program/ Patient Name menu, then load the healing set.

Repeat Each Set: 1
Repeat Program: 1
Dwell Multiplier: 1
Reduce Ampitude: ticked


Remote Mode - Killing/Healing:

Load "JW-Killing" or "JW-Healing" as appropriate, then load the killing or healing set.

Repeat Each Set: 4
Repeat Program: 0
Dwell Multiplier: 1 (or .33)
Reduce Amplitude: unticked

Contact Mode Settings

The settings illustrated above for killing and healing differ in only one respect – Reduce Amplitude.

Repeats: the values of 1 for killing and healing tell Spooky2 to run the Program once, then stop.

Dwell Multiplier: the value of 1 tells Spooky2 to run each frequency for its default dwell (which is known to work).

Reduce Amplitude: for killing, this box is unticked because the "JW-Killing" Preset automatically transposes all frequencies up to a level where they donʼt "bite." For healing, the "JW–Healing" Preset doesn't do this because Rife healing uses frequencies in a different way to killing, so this box is ticked because low frequencies can “bite.”

Remote Mode Settings

The settings illustrated above for killing and healing are identical.

Repeats: the Repeat Each Set value of 4 is to allow each set in any multi-set Program to be repeated four times before the next set, preventing dilution of effectiveness. The Repeat Program value of 0 tells Spooky2 to continue looping the Program until you manually stop it.

Dwell Multiplier: the choice of 1 or .33 is offered here because many users have found success by using dwells shorter than the default. The result is that the user is exposed to each frequency for one-third of the normal time, but is consequently exposed to it three times more often in the same time period.


Users have reported excellent results from using an alternative setting to those above - "DH-Killing/Healing." It's used for both killing and healing, and you can find it in the "OK, Let's Rife" section of the Spooky2 User's Guide.

Don't make the mistake of packing your Program with sets. This makes it difficult to identify which set may be responsible for producing the most beneficial effects, and it also makes it slower to find such sets. It's less effective, too. For example, if you have six 30-minute sets in your Program and one of them is working, this means it’s only going to be transmitted once every three hours. Allow three days to test a set, then try another.

Making Your Own Changes

JW-Killing: these are very carefully thought-out settings and I can’t see any way to improve on them.

JW-Healing: the only changes I occasionally make is to switch the square wave for a sawtooth, and use a value of 20 for the Amplitude. Try both, and stick with what works best for you.

DH-Killing/Healing: when killing, you may wish to enter 64000 into the < field of the Frequency Limits pane. This raises all low sub-harmonics into the KHz range, which is more effective.

Points to Remember

‣ Before embarking on the main task, it’s strongly advised that you first complete the regimen outlined in Appendix A of the Spooky2 User’s Guide. Subsequent sessions will be more effective as a result.

‣ For killing in Contact Mode, the higher a frequency is, the deeper it penetrates the body, and the easier it enters the cells.

‣ You must actively assist in the detox process by drinking at least three litres of pure water daily, half of it before noon. This will help flush out the kidneys, and increase electrical conductivity in the body, especially if you add a tiny pinch of sea salt or Himalayan Pink Salt to your daily ration.

‣ In any battle, the more weapons that are brought to bear on the enemy, the more likely it is that victory will be achieved. Don’t neglect other modalities, especially diet, naturopathic, homeopathic, and herbal.

‣The work of Dr. Bradley Nelson and others has clearly demonstrated that emotional trauma lies at the root of almost every cancer. His ground-breaking book “The Emotion Code” demonstrates a way to resolve this, and a PDF of this is free to download.

Entries in red are Contact Mode sessions. Entries in blue are run until the next morning. Entries with ">" denote a switch to Remote Mode when a Contact session is finished.

Above is a possible four-day timetable for four generators, all being used for 24 hours a day. Day 4 is a rest day from cancer killing, and substitutes intensive immune system support. On the fifth day, the timetable starts over again.

Note that if you don't have pain problems, you may substitute lymph/immune system support and/or detox instead as appropriate.

The Programs

Cancer Killing:

This denotes sets targeted at your type of cancer. You should use an accurate detailed diagnosis to seek matching sets in the database. If none exist, you must do some web research.

For instance, there are no sets for kidney cancers. But research reveals that 90% of these are urothelial cell carcinoma, also called transitional cell carcinoma (TCC). Further digging shows that this also affects the bladder and urinary system – and is called transitional bladder cancer (TBC). And there are several sets for this in the database.

Wikipedia is generally good for this sort of research.

Don’t forget that viruses are also deeply involved in cancers like BX, BY, HPV, and SV40:


Cancer BXBY CUST (see settings on next page)

Run the three sets below as one single Program with a Dwell Multiplier of 1.667:

Cancer BX CUST

Bacillus X Filter Cancer Carcinoma Rife
Cancer BY Virus CUST

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus):
Cancer HPV (Moles and Tumors) CUST

Also try other HPV sets if no result.

SV40 (Simian Virus 40):
Simian Virus 40 XTRA

Liver Support:

Run the two sets below as one single Program:

Liver 1 PROV
Liver 2 PROV

Run the two sets below as one single Program:

Liver Flukes CAFL

Liver Function Balance XTRA

Kidney Support:

Run each set below alone:

Kidney Function Balance XTRA

Kidney Insufficiency CAFL

Lymph Support:

Lymphs and Detox PROV

Immune Support:

Immune System Stimulation 3 PROV

General Detox:

Detox 4 Toxins Throughout the Body CAFL

Blood Detox:

Run these two as one single Program:

Lymphangitis CAFL
Streptococcus Pyogenes CAFL


Run each set below alone:

Cancer Pain CAFL

Cancer Pain XTRA

Also try pain sets targeted at the cancer's body location.

 Learn from the experience of others – join the Spooky2 Forum and ask any questions you have.

You are not alone in your journey. Nor are you the first to make it.

Cancer BXBY CUST (Contact mode). This is an engineered set that should be run alone. For Remote use, change the Repeat Program setting to 135.