79 years old, had an ultrasonography three months ago that showed a very enlarged prostate. Also his PSA value was high, 5,25ngr/ml.

Symptoms & Conditions:

Urination difficulty, pressure on the area, having to wake up several times at night to urinate, etc.

After three days of sessions, he noticed a clear improvement of his symptoms.

After one month, the new ultrasonography showed an almost normal prostate, only slightly bigger than a normal one.

The new PSA value is 3.10ng/ml, which is a very good value, taking into consideration the last value of 5,25ngr/ml.

Settings & Presets:

He was treated with the following sets, used in contact mode:

Every odd day, he used MM_Prostate enlarged ODD.txt:

Every even day, he used MM_Prostate enlarged EVEN.txt:

I used tens pads on his knees, where the layer of fat below his skin was almost nonexistent, to improve current circulation.

The Boost cable was used, but, as you can see, I haven't marked Inv+Syc, because the tingling sensation was too much for him. I have used Follow Out1 instead, which in conjunction with Out2=Out1+0.1Hz, didn't doubled the amplitude, making the sessions more comfortable.

Attached you can find the two presets to be copied into your\Spooky2\Presets folder, and also MM_ModSquareDC83, to be copied into your \Spooky2\Waveforms folder.

MM_Enlarged prostate ODD.txt
MM_Enlarged prostate EVEN.txt

The presets have already been included in the 5 August software.

Authored by: Manuel Mallo


Below are questions and answers discussed under this post:

Q: What the idea was for using odd and even days in the protocol? Both with a different Waveform.

A: Just to raise the probability of success. Now, I don't know which of the two presets is the responsible for the improvement, but the improvement has been achieved.

Q: How long did you run the programs for each day? How many generators were you using?

A: The presets' total run time is 44 minutes each, run once a day. I used one generator.

Q: I also have Spooky Central and wonder if that would be more effective? I had massive trauma to that whole area, 56 years ago, which also leads to UTI's.

A: 1. You could try contact, plasma and remote. The presets I uploaded could be easily adapted to plasma by choosing the settings present in JW preset for low freq plasma. If you want to try remote mode, just reduce the dwell time and increase Repeat set to 5, and set 0 in the Repeat program box.

I am actually trying also Prostatitis CAFL, because a part of the swelling of the prostate gland may be due to infection, and this set renders great results also.

Pumpkin seeds, are very helpful, and also delicious. Don't use stainless steel cutlery. Use spoons and forks made of plastic, or even silver (best of all).

2. UTI: A few years ago, I had UTI, now no more. I took colloidal silver with DMSO. Try half an ounce of CS with one ML DMSO. The dosage I took was far less than this because all I had was a small vial of CS and DMSO so I just kept taking a small portion every 30 minutes. If I remember correctly, I took one ML CS with 4 drops of DMSO (using a tiny vial with a thin dropper). In four hours the UTI went away and has not been back since then. I was at the doctor's clinic when it stopped. Also I take maintenance of cranberry capsule 1,000 mg. He was horrified because I told him it is gone and told him what I took. He still prescribed antibiotics which of course I did not take. Now, he refuses to see me, LOL. He is a family practitioner in a huge corporation of doctors spread all over this state.

PROSTATE: I have been running CMV - Cytomegolavirus frequencies via remote mode very recently for my husband's prostate issues. When I was over running the frequencies, I decided to take each set and ran them via plasma. (He does not like me to run the plasma on him, ever!) So I said, look, I think this is what you need, so he finally agreed. The first time, I reduced the dwell time, probably too much, he did not feel anything. A week later (past Friday night), the second time, I kept the dwell at default. Following day (this past Saturday) we were having lunch, my husband with all seriousness in his face asked me, "what was that you ran on me last night with the plasma"? So I said, CMV, a virus, why? He said, "it took too long". It did, I did not change the dwell so it ran at default which was 2 Hours and 40 minutes. The bulb just lay on his pubic bone. Then he asked about it again, so I said why? His answer: well, I've not gone to the unload since the time we left the house, that was at 9:00 am and it was 12:30pm so he has not voided for 3.5 hours. Pretty unusual as he often goes to unload. So I said, with fear in my heart, Oh the Plasma is working beautifully! After I said that, I feverishly said a mental prayer to let him void because his father at one time could not urinate and his stomach bloated in a matter of hours and had to be hospitalized! Meanwhile, I kept refilling his cup with green tea, LOL. To my happiness and gratefulness at 1pm he stood up and said he was going to the bathroom! Oh was I so relieved! So, indeed the plasma helped and up to now he is holding up well, less bathroom trips.

Disclaimer: I am not prescribing, just relating our experiences. You have to decide if you want to go this way at your own risk.

Q: When running the even/odd programs would I connect my Tens pads to the colloidal silver BNC of my Spooky Boost 2.0?

A: The colloidal silver port has a resistor in series, so the current is limited when using it. I use the boosted Outs. BN or MN boosted outs would be fine.

If the tingling is too much for you, try to lower the amplitude until comfortable. Also marking the amplitude ramp (up and down) would soften things.

Proper hydration is a must.

Q: When running the even/odd programs you only ran them once per day. Could you please tell me why only once?

A: Action, and reaction. The freqs are the action, but you have to give time for the reaction of your body.
You're telling the body to heal, then you have to wait while it heals.

Q: I notice that you don't include the waveform for "ODD" days - MM_Circuloidal. But you do provide MM ModSquareDC83. Is "Circuloidal" needed? Or is the single waveform "ModSquare" all that we need?

A: The Odd days preset uses a plain square waveform (standard waveform supplied) with a setting of 83 for its Duty Cycle. The Even days preset uses MM_ModSquareDC83.

You can see that MM_Circuloidal hasn't been selected. It appears in the dropdown menu just because I used it before, but it is not necessary for these presets to work.

Q: The power to my knees was way too much so I'll try lowering voltage down to 5v today. You mentioned the amplitude ramp up and down do I use the value 5 or make this say 1?

A: The number in the amplitude ramp is the number of seconds the amplitude is ramping. The lower the number the shorter the ramp.

5 is a good value, unless you prefer a shorter ramp.