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Connecting Spooky Boost v3.0 8

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Spooky Boost v3.0 connects directly to OUT1 and OUT2 of your XM generator.

Colloidal Silver

Connect the lead that came with your generator to the Colloidal Silver output of Spooky Boost v3.0. Attach the clips to the 2 silver rods. The rods should be approximately 1 inch apart. Full instructions can be found in the Spooky User’s Guide.

Contact Mode

If you want to run a safe, low power contact session, connect to the Colloidal Silver output. For greater power, connect to the High Power port:

Spooky Boost (Bio North)

Spooky Remote BN connects directly to the BN output connector of Spooky Boost v3.0.

Spooky Boost (Magnetic North)

Spooky Remote MN connects directly to the MN output connector of Spooky Boost v3.0.

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  1. i just received my 3rd generator, but no boost came with it, and i don’t see how it connects without it.

    secondly, i have the spooky central, what is the use of having the plus for contact, PEMF, etc. on the central unit if it needs to go through a generator, or does it, i don’t see anywhere as to how that operates.

    1. Hi, betty. If you buy a Generator alone, you need to buy a boost v3.0 in addition. Boost v3.0 is included in Kits. You bought a Remote, and boost is needed. Central connections to XM doesn’t need a boost, check this video: https://www.spooky2videos.com/video/how-to-set-up-both-hardware-and-software-to-use-spooky-central/

  2. Hi!
    When I use the booster for GenX, sometimes the red light is on for the colloidal silver and sometimes for high power and sometimes for both. Do I attach it to the one with the red light on or can I can attach it to the one that is not lit up? Because when it is attached to the one not lit up with the red light, nothing seems to happen.

    1. Hi, Allen. The light in Boost is the same working theory as Remote. Three things control how the LEDs respond to the signal – frequency, waveform, and amplitude. Here is the article about how do they light: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-does-spooky-remote-light/ If you still worry about your Boost doesn’t work, you can do a test: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-to-test-generators-output-using-spooky-remote/

  3. Can I put a remote on both the BN and MN simultaneously or is the MN for another purpose?

    Pamela Gorman
    1. If you want to use BN and MN at same time, you can run on diffent generators.

  4. Could someone instruct me on the method to update my password?
    Could it be that I’m making an error?
    I seek assistance.
    With regards.

  5. Is there a moderator available to assist with password updating?
    Where might I be mistaken?
    I’d appreciate some assistance.
    With all due respect.

    1. Hello
      Thank you for reaching out.
      To get the best guidance, I recommend contacting the official Spooky2 customer service team email:[email protected]
      They can provide detailed instructions, troubleshooting help, and personalized support.

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