Sometimes we think that having an after-meal cup of tea or some fruits may help with the digestion, or someone may prefer to smoke immediately after a meal. But no matter how seemingly healthy or enjoyable these things may be, they can actually harm your health.


We know cigarettes are bad for us all the time, no matter we smoke in the mornings or afternoons, before or after meals. But it is said that smoking a cigarette right after your meal is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes, thus increasing the risk of cancer. A cigarette contains 60 carcinogens which can cause cancer, and some sickening ingredients like nicotine and tar.

Eating fruits

Eating fruits is beneficial to our health, but not quite many of us pay attention to the right timing to eat them. In fact, most of the fruits can reach to intestine within 20 minutes after being eaten, and it is in that place they break down. Eating fruits right after a meal make them stuck with other foods in the stomach, so they get spoilt and spoil the remaining food. It may also raise bloating and GI distress. It would be best to eat fruits in the morning and with an empty stomach, at this time your body can absorb the nutrients in the fruit the best.

Drinking Tea

Drinking tea in a limited or moderate amount has its benefits. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and provides antioxidants which can help you fight aging. Yet drinking a cup of tea right after our meals is not recommended. Tea contains substances known polyphenols and tannins, which will affect the absorption of iron, thus possibly lead to lead to iron deficiency or anemia. So please wait for an hour or so after an meal to drink tea.


Digestion consumes a lot of energy and needs good blood flow in our body. As we bathe, blood flows towards your skin to cool the body, thus reducing blood flow around the stomach and making it difficult to digest. So waiting 30 minutes after a meal in order to take a shower is advisable.

Loosening your belt

Sometimes you feel you are full and feel that you need to loosen the belt. Well, this is bad because it causes the intestines to twist or block and harm your stomach. But please also take this as a signal that you are overeating. Loosening the belt may make your feel comfortable and some of you may continue to overeat.


We always think that walking after meals is good for promoting digestion and reducing fat deposition, but it would be ideal to do so 20 to 30 minutes after meal. Walking immediately after meals may cause acid reflux and indigestion. After having your meal, you should have some rest and then walk for some time, it is a good way to burn energy and helps you sleep faster and deeper.


If you choose to lie down right after a meal, many digestive juices from the stomach may travel back to your food pipe due to the gravitational force, thus corroding the inner layer of the food pipe. That many times comes with the burning sensation in your mouth and throat. Meanwhile, sleeping after meals may also bring snoring and even sleep apnea (momentary suspension of breathing), as well as increasing the risk of obesity.

So after meals, do not rush to stand up. Sit and have some chatting with your family, later walk around leisurely. This is good for your health.