It is always emotional for people during Valentine's Day. It is a very romantic festival for lovers, at the same time, it could be unpleasant and even stressful for the others.

Both modern western medicine and Chinese Traditional medicine have considered the reason of cancer as the changes in our DNA, and negative emotion such as depression is able to weaken or even destroy the function of our immune system that is considered as the first line of defense against cancer.

TCM’s View of Emotional Stress and Cancer

Since the ancient times in China, emotional stress has been known as the contributor to the development of fatal diseases such as cancer. In Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), they recognize the emotional distress could contribute to the development of cancer. TCM considered most of our internal and chronic diseases are caused by our major depressed feelings, which are anger, shock, joy, fear, brooding, anxiety, and sorrow.

How Emotional Stress Alters Your Genes

In the field of science, studies show that there is a high chance of altering our genes which control the stress response and make us vulnerable against cancer, that is, our stressed brain is able to send signals to our body in order to produce stress hormones, which could cause the production of free radicals, inflammation and stimulate tumors to grow. Emotional stress could facilitate the progress of cancer and other related fatal diseases.

Dealing With Emotional Stress

Until today, there is still no magic pill can release us from emotional stress. However, there are many ways to help us with it which cost you almost nothing. Deep breathing, for example, provide calm and relaxing for our body. Exercise, yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, TCM and even some light music could be helpful. Staying a healthy life style and spending more time with friends and family can make your life fill with happiness and laughter. Always stay positive and be grateful to things or people that happen to your life.

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Valentine's Day will be just like the other days of your life... a day with happiness and healthy life.