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On May 20, 2017, Sebastien Mercier, Bruno Dod, John White and Echo Lee had a wonderful conference with Spooky2 users in France.

We want to first thank Sebastien for organizing the whole conference and Bruno for providing the accommodation and translation of the conference.

During the first 1 hour of the conference, every attendee shared their own story of choosing and using Spooky2. We are so glad to hear you have remarkable and positive results with Spooky2, which is a great motivation and inspiration for the whole team.

The stories are followed by a 3-hour Q&A session. Attendees asked a lot questions. Sebastien did most of the talk and answering the questions. Bruno translated French/English for John, Echo and attendees.

The conference was a great success and lasted for over 4 hours.

Thank you Sebastien, Bruno and all attendees for this amazing conference.

Hope to see you again!

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