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France Conference-3

France Conference 2019.04.06 4

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On April 6th, 2019, John White, Echo Lee, and Sébastien Mercier had the biggest Spooky2 conference with more than 110 French friends in ENA MNC, a beautiful school in Fretterans.

Thanks so much to Terry, Kevin and Sébastien for arranging everything!

At the beginning of the conference, Sébastien introduced Rife machine working theory. Then John talked about Spooky2 and its history. After that, he gave a detailed speech of Scalar. Echo shared how she got involved in this journey and her own experience of using Spooky2.

The speeches are followed by the Q&A session. A lot of questions were discussed by John, Echo and all our friends. It’s always great to hear the new voice and constantly improve ourselves.

Thank you for your attendance and valuable contributions! All your presence and efforts have helped Spooky2 grew up a lot in the past 6 years. Your enthusiasm and support encourage us to continuously develop Spooky2 to be the most affordable and powerful rife system.

We look forward to meeting you again!

Here are some amazing pictures from the conference!

France Conference-1

France Conference-2

France Conference-3

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  1. Hi everybody,
    Very good for your conference in Paris …
    I wonder where and when did this ad … I consult the forum every day, I read the emails from the Spooky world … but for once, nothing. … well, it’s true, I’m not a French citizen … I live just 2 hours from Paris but in Belgium …

    Etienne penter
    1. Hi, Etienne penter. The conference is held on April 6th, 2019 ENA MNC, a beautiful school in Fretterans. You can join our French Group for more information, you will be informed the next conference: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Spooky2Francais/

  2. Hi,
    I’m sorry (for me) but I do not intend to spread my life on Facebook while there is a Spooky forum that works very well … but is little used …

    Etienne Penter
    1. Hi, you can contact our French Admin. I will send you Sébastien’s Email. You can contact directly.

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