Spooky2 User Walt Dod found the setting and waveform that is effective to kill tough bugs like borrelia or Chlamydia in his experiment.

There are 3 golden kill presets that differ by the gatings.

He uses them with remote transmission, boost cable (boost2.0, boost 3.0) and black foam topped spooky remote.

The presets are made for Boehm frequencies but can be ran with other kind of frequencies. Best results will be had when accuracy is of the same range, otherwise, it shall be adapted.

In the comments, g is the golden ratio = 1.618...

Attached are also the waveforms to be used with the presets as well as a Detox preset adapted from the Morgellon protocol.

Detox Maintenance.txt
golden kill 20160813 BOEHM 2.txt
golden kill 20160813 BOEHM 1.txt
golden kill 20160813 BOEHM 3.txt

The GoldDoubInvSaw.csv is a waveform file. You need to copy and paste this file into your c:\spooky2\waveforms folder.txt files need to paste to the c:\spooky2\Preset Collections\User folder.

After that, you can access these presets by running spooky2 program and on the preset page select user from first list box, and then Gold* from second listbox.Then add your programs on the programs tab. Choose a channel to run the programs.

Thanks Walt Dod and Jason Elliott

Source: http://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=5834