The golden waveforms toolbox is shared by Spooky2 User Walt Dod, please check the following details:

I would like to share a way to build efficient killing waveforms with figures obtained from the golden ratio. If you never heard of the golden ratio, Google it on Wikipedia.

I have built a table with several columns using math functions you do not have to bother knowing, the aim is to use the figures listed in the table.

In the 1st column are G^n, with n=1,2..., the powers of G=golden ratio = 1.618....
In the 2nd & 3rd columns are ln(cosh(G^n) and lnsinh(G^n).
In the 4th & 5th are asinh(G^n) & acosh(G^n)
In the 6th column are 1/atanh(G^-n)

Now these figures are used in Spooky for 3 inputs: two values for X (the wave cycle multiplier) and one value to fit in F2 = F1 x.... Hz as shown on the screenshot below as an example.

So far I have had good results using sine and invert sawtooth as basic waveforms. I haven't tested other basic waveforms.

Once you have selected 3 values, you can try several ways to input them, changing the 1st to the 2nd, and so on, and you can as well try the 3 offered choices : add F1 to F2, modulate F2 with F1 (AM SSB) and modulate F2 with F1 (AM DSB).

As these waveforms involve mixing 2 basic waves, the Spooky Boost is required. You can of course try these figures with only one basic wave with one channel.

This of course does not fit at all with Spooky Central.

If you are using cold laser, beware that the total amplitude remains between zero and -10 Volts. You must check on the diagram on the lower right corner (Spooky Boost output) of the setting screen, and remember the scale is +-20 Volts. Otherwise you will wreck the laser diodes.

The Excel spreadsheet is provided, so that you can directly copy and paste the figures in Spooky.

The preset for the waveform shown is provided as well, for you to have a try. You shall adapt amplitude and other settings to your needs.

Nombre d'or.xlsx

Golden Numbers for Waveforms.xlsx

Golden Kill 20161107 Powerful Killer Asinh.txt

Feedback is appreciated,
Blessings to all,

Authored by: Walt Dod