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GX Offline DH Presets for Different Modes 3

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The DH Experimental Frequencies presets in the Miscellaneous folder of Spooky2’s Presets tab are quite popular. However, these frequencies only work when you connect Spooky2 generators to the computer. The programs inside the DH presets are sometimes too large to fit inside the 200 frequency count limit of the GeneratorX program storage.

But now, you’ll get a way to do it. One of our users created a folder to help you load DH presets into an offline GeneratorX(GX) for different modes.

This folder is to get around this limitation of 200 frequencies per program on the GeneratorX. For the larger programs inside this collection, our user shortened the Repeat Frequency from 23 to a smaller value so that the program might fit the frequency count limit. Even with this modification, some the DH presets have so many different frequencies that require more than one preset to fit in.

You need to Install the DH Offline GX Presets first. And in the notes of each preset, read the line that starts with Offline Note. This tells how long you need to run the preset to insure hitting each frequency 23 times. For the case of presets that have more than 1 offline presets for a DH online preset, the Offline Note tells you how much time to run each preset of the group of presets, and how much time it takes to run the entire set.

offline note

Most of the DH presets fit in a single offline preset. In this case, you load the single preset into the GeneratorX storage, and run the program (using the Loop button) for the time written in the Offline Note found in the Preset Notes of the preset. For the larger DH presets, you will need to load each program associated with a large preset into a different GeneratorX program location.

Ways of Installing the DH Offline GX Presets

Download the DH_GX_Offline_v2.zip onto your computer, and unzip this file.

Here is the document: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/download/DH_GX_Offline_v2.zip


1. Click on This PC in the sidebar. Double click the Local Disk (C:) drive.


2. Double click the Spooky2 folder.


3. Double click the Presets Collection folder.


4. Double click the User folder.


5. In your Downloads folder in another File Explorer window, double click the archive. Now drag the folder from (1) to (2).

Now you can plug the USB cable, and start to use DH presets with GX offline.


1. Since everything is already expanded using this technique, make sure your DH shell preset has a Repeat Each Frequency = 1 and the pad is turned off, that is, uncheck “Run __ Hz for __ seconds after each frequency”.
2. The Plasma presets are a bit sketchy, because since most of the frequencies are under 100 KHz, these low frequencies will be made into harmonics greater than 100 KHz (this is a limitation of the GX Offline Plasma shell). For a typical MOR frequency, this approach to OK. But for a radionic/intuitive frequency that is not based on MOR, this may not work well. For Plasma, you are better off using the online versions found in the Presets tab of Spooky under \Miscellaneous\DH Experimental Frequencies\Plasma\.

Author: Bryan Yamamoto

Do you know how to load DH presets into an offline GeneratorX? Why not give it a try? Comment below and share your feelings with us!

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  1. Great !! Thanks – I was waiting for this for a long time

  2. Re: \Miscellaneous\DH Experimental Frequencies\Plasma\

    I just got my Spooky2, but the DH Experimental Frequencies are nowhere to be found under Miscellaneous. Have they been removed?

    1. Did you install new software and it will ask whether you want the database or not. So we recommend to reinstall and if you still have problem, please contact service online.

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