Spooky2 Sample Digitizer is used for direct GX scanning of biological samples (Urine, Saliva, Blood, nail powder, etc.). You can use Spooky2 Sample Digitizer to perform remote biofeedback scans. The instruction below shows you how to do a GX Sample Digitizer scan.

Step 1

Place the liquid biological sample on one slide. Ensure the sample is placed in the black capital E.

Sample Digitizer Replacement Slides

Place the other slide on top. The two capital Es should be facing each other.
Clip the slides into the Digitizer.

Sample Digitizer-1

Connect your Spooky2 Sample Digitizer to the Out 1 port of G1 or G2. 

Sample Digitizer-2

Then short press the Power button to turn on GX.

Step 2

Launch the Spooky2 software.
Go to the Presets tab, select >Biofeedback, Sample Digitizer. You can see there are three presets. The first two presets are for Sample Digitizer biofeedback scan. The third preset combines scan and treatment, which is an experimental function. For effective treatments, we recommend using Plasma, Contact and Remote mode to run scan results.

You can choose 1 Hour Biofeedback Scan (SD) - JW or 4.5 Hour Biofeedback Scan (SD) - JW preset to perform a simple scan. The longer scan duration time improves the accuracy of results.

You can load the preset and click Scan from the Control tab to start a Sample Digitizer scan. After you save your scan results, you can run the results using Plasma, Contact or remote mode.

The experimental San + Run (SD) - JW preset allows you do scans and treatment automatically. The preset is designed to run until stopped. It begins with a 27-minute biofeedback scan. The hits found are then run on the same generator. The Sample Digitizer doubles as a primitive remote during this phase.

When the program completes, another biofeedback scan commences. This cycle repeats until the preset is stopped OR no hits are detected.

Simply load the preset and click Scan from the Control tab to start this preset.


1. Spooky2 Sample Digitizer can only be used with GeneratorX.
2. Treatments using Spooky2 Sample Digitizer is an experimental function.
3. We suggest using Sample Digitizer Replacement Slides for optimum scan results.
4. You can use alcohol to clean Sample Digitizer Replacement Slides. Dry thoroughly before use.
5. Do not use the same Sample Digitizer Replacements Slides for different people.
6. You can use urine, saliva, blood, nail powder and biological samples (ie, Cancer cells) as the samples. Do not allow the tissue sample to dry. Replace the sample every day.