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Happy Thanksgiving 2017: Big News and Special Offer 1

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Thanksgiving 2017 is around the corner.

We want to take this opportunity to wish everyone in the Spooky2 family a Happy Thanksgiving Day.

At this special time of year, we want to express our sincere gratitude for your continuous love and patronage. Your support has provided us with the means to help people around the world to restore their health and live a happier life.

We have good news for you. It is our great pleasure to announce that Spooky2 will have a Sibling very soon. Her name is MiraMate.

As you know, Spooky2 has gained a reputation of being complicated, though we are working on making things more simple. Since some new products do not use the Spooky2 software or Rife principles, we will use the “MiraMate” brand name to differentiate these new products from the Spooky range. The name MiraMate was chosen because the healing is like a miracle. Also it is friendly, like a very best friend; a soul mate.

The first product with the MiraMate brand is a PEMF device. We call it Mini Magic, since it is small, and works like Magic according to our test results.

It is a portable PEMF device designed to reduce pain and discomfort anywhere, anytime. A small blessing to people suffering from both chronic and acute pain. Discrete, stylish, and easy to use, Mini Magic can be used daily with confidence. If you can flick a switch, you can use Mini Magic.

We have a special offer for existing Spooky2 users.

From today till the end of November, you can sign up using the form below to receive a free $25 coupon code for Mini Magic.

Thanksgiving 2017 Special Offer

And when we start accepting orders on MiraMate.com at the beginning of December, you can redeem your $25 coupon code to order Mini Magic.

Please sign up with the email address you used to order Spooky2, so that we can make sure the coupon code is only sent to existing Spooky2 users. The coupon is valid for the month of December. All MiraMate products will be shipped separately from Spooky2.

Thank you again for your support and have a nice Thanksgiving day!

Spooky2 Team

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