About Mineral Calcium

Calcium is essential for our bone health and dental health. It is one of the most important minerals in our body and is able to prevent from colon cancer and lower the risk of having obesity. We need Calcium throughout our life cycle. It supports our body’s growth all the time. Calcium is very rich in whole food groups and dairy products. Reports shows that, in today’s society, Calcium deficiency problems are instantly rising especially for those who are on low-calorie diets in order to get a slimmer body. Broccoli is actually a good choice for those who want to lose some weight and maintain a balance in Calcium levels. Fish and leafy vegetables are also rich sources for Calcium.

Health Benefits of Mineral Calcium

Strengthens Bones
Calcium can help to strengthen bones and keep right shape to our body. It can also help to prevent and help skeletal problems such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Prevents Obesity
Calcium is able to help in maintaining a proper body weight. Our body can release one kind of hormone called parathyroid when we are lack of Calcium. This hormone can actually stimulate our body to produce more fat and keep it forming closely.

Cardiac Muscles
Calcium is able to boost your heart muscles and provde a better nerve system in order to keep a proper pressure in arteries. It can effectively reduce the risk of having heart related diseases.

Prevents Colon Cancer 
Calcium can significantly lower the risk of having colon cancer as well as nonmalignant tumors in the colon. Studies have shown that Calcium can effectively protect our body from cancer by binding cancer promoters together and excret from our body.

Prevents Premenstrual Depression 
Calcium is able to lessen certain symptoms caused by premenstrual like dizziness, mood swings, hypertension. It can stimulate the release of the hormones which are responsible for premenstrual mood swings such as irritability and depression.

Prevents Kidney Stones
This effect may be confusing but according to the latest studies, high dietary Calcium can actually lower the risk of kidney stones. The most common kidney stones are oxalate stones and regulate intake of Calcium can significantly decrease the chance of having it.

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Health Benefits Of Mineral Calcium