About Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 belongs to the Vitamin B complex and it plays a vital part in human nutrient. It can maintain a healthy nervous system and help in the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose. Vitamin B1 can also eliminate fats and also improve nervous system. Therefore, it is able to fight stress and provide a relaxing feeling. The richest sources of Vitamin B1 are from Yeast and liver. Pork, cereals, beans, mushrooms, tuna, and eggplant can also provide enough Vitamin B1 for our healthy daily needs. However, overcooking could destroy Vitamin B1.

Health Benefits of Vitamin B1

Development of Myelin Sheaths: 
Myelin Sheaths are responsible for a proper development of nerves. Vitamin B1 can maintain a proper development of myelin Sheaths and therefore, keep nerves healthy and active.

Proper Cardiac Function: 
Vitamin B1 can ensure a proper cardiac function by helping in the production of a certain matter called neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is in charge of a proper connection between nerves and muscles. Lack of Vitamin B1 can result in irregular cardiac functions and even fatal conditions.

Prevents Cataracts: 
Vitamin B1 is helpful in preventing from cataracts due to its ability to protect our eyes.

Red Blood Cell Production: 
Vitamin B1 is very efficient in order to product red blood cells which can keep our body in a healthy and energized way.

Safe Use of Molecular Weight Frequencies of Vitamin B1 with Spooky2:
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Meanwhile, Vitamin B1 is easy to expelled through urine and therefore maintain a well balanced diet is suggested. Try to take it slow at the beginning. And if you think you have overdone it, you can also run a program Drugs Adverse Effect to get rid of the side effect of the drugs frequency.