About Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 can not be stored in our body due to it is a water soluble vitamin. However, human body needs a regular dosage of vitamin B2 in order to help in energy production. Therefore, it is very important to keep it as essential nutrient in our diet.

Vitamin B2 can help transfer carbohydrates to sugar which can greatly provide support to our body functions. What’s more, Vitamin B2 can also help in processing of amino acids and fats and even slow the aging pace.

Vitamin B2 is contained in many food sources such as soybeans, liver and dairy products. Sea food is also rich sources of Vitamin B2, same with whole grain products and dark leafy green vegetables. Unlike other vitamins, vitamin B2 is not lost during cooking but may be destroyed by baking soda.

Health Benefits of Vitamin B2

Helps in Energy Production: 

As mentioned above, Vitamin B2 plays an important role in energy production due to its ability to help with metabolism.

Regulates Growth and Reproduction: 

In order to make sure of a proper growth and development of organs, Vitamin B2 should be absorbed in our daily diet. It can provide good protection towards our body systems such as skin, connective tissue, nervous system and the immune system.

Prevents Acne: 

Vitamin B2 is very helpful to improve the mucus secretion of our skin and even help to clean up skin pustules which is normally with acne.

Ensures Healthy Eyes: 

Vitamin B2 can also help with our vision and ensure a healthy corneas.

Boosts Mineral Absorption: 

Vitamin B2 is able to help in the absorption of minerals. What’s more, it also can help with repairing tissues like open wounds and other injuries.

Healthy Fetal Development: 

It is very important for a pregnant woman to absorb Vitamin B2 in daily diet. Vitamin B2, along with Vitamin A, is known as an essential ingredient of a pregnant woman due to its help in the growth of a baby.

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Vitamin B2