About Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 can provide various health benefits such as lower the risks of heart disorders, stroke and even cancer. It is also able to build up muscles and help with mental disorders. Vitamin B9 is water-solute vitamins, which means it can be released out of our body by excretion. Therefore, keeping Vitamin B9 in our daily diet is necessary in order to meet the needs of our body.

There are many rich sources of Vitamin B9 and among these, food items like liver and kidney are the richest source. Other sources of Vitamin B9 would be green vegetables, legumes, beans, cheese, mushrooms and cauliflower. Oranges, bananas and lentils are also good sources of Vitamin B9 as well.

Health Benefits of Vitamin B9

Heart Disorders: 
Vitamin B9 can effectively help to improve the function of our heart. It can control the level of deposition of cholesterol in our heart and therefore prevent our cardiovascular system from various disorders.

Actually, both stroke and heart attacks are caused by homocysteine. Vitamin B9 can greatly control the amount of homocysteine and therefore provide better health and lower the risk of suffering a stroke.

Vitamin B9 can reduce the risk of cancer in our body. It can help to eradicate the chances of cancer in numerous forms, such as colon cancer and lung cancer. Doctors highly recommend that we should include Vitamin B9 in our daily diet plan.

Pregnancy and Birth Defects: 
Vitamin B9 is able to limit defects for pregnant women and the birth of a child. Studies have shown that lack of Vitamin B9 is far less likely to give birth of a healthy child.

Cell Enhancement: 
Vitamin B9 can help in the formation of red blood cells and also build and repair skin cells in our body. It can also stimulate the process of replacing old cells with new cells and therefore keep our body fresh and new.

Mental and Emotional Disorders: 
Vitamin B9 can help to treat with various mental disorders like anxiety and depression, which are two of the most common mental problems in today’s world.

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Health Benefits of Vitamin B9