About Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also known as calciferol which can provide many healthy benefits for our body, include lower the risk of having cancer, prevent bone fractures and treat with osteomalacia. Vitamin D is fat-soluble and it can increase metabolism and better absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Vitamin D can be acquired through sunlight. Ultraviolet rays in sunlight can stimulate the production speed of Vitamin D in our skin and only 15 min of exposure to sunlight will be enough to meet the requirement of Vitamin D in our body. Vitamin D can also be obtained through other sources such as salmon, sardines, egg yolks, fortified milk and more.

Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Curing Rickets:
Vitamin D is able to control the level of phosphate and calcium in our body, which are responsible for the hardening and strengthening of our bones. Extra dose of oral Vitamin D can cure rickets fast because abnormalities of bones will slowly disappear.

Treatment of Osteomalacia:
Osteomalacia means soft bones which is mainly caused by lack of minerals.Bones with this disease can be cracked and bent easily. Oral dose of Vitamin D and exposure to the sunlight can treat Osteomalacia and another way to absorb ultraviolet rays is to use UV lamps.

Lowering the Risk of Cancer:
Large amount of Vitamin D can greatly reduce the risk of cancer and at the same time, cardiovascular diseases.

Treating Rachitic Rosary:
Vitamin D can also treat rachitic rosary, which is often found in children who suffered from rickets.
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Vitamin D