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How Rife Therapy Works 2

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Depending on what it’s being used for, Rife solution works in a number of different ways.

Perhaps the most common use for frequencies is to kill pathogens, and the best description of how that process works that I’ve ever heard comes from John:

“Imagine a cowboy with a whip. He brings the whip back, then forward. When the sinusoidal energy wave travelling down the leather reaches the end, it must change direction very quickly. When it does, there is a loud ‘crack’ as the speed of the tip exceeds the speed of sound.

“It is only when the direction changes that the energy is expended. This is a close analogy to why only the peaks and troughs of a waveform create the output frequencies. These are the points in the wave where the voltage and fields change direction.

“Technically, it can be explained as conservation of momentum. Momentum is a vector that has direction. Momentum will not turn corners, so some of it is expelled as energy.”

This principle explains how “whiplash” injuries sustained in car crashes can be so physically devastating.

So now, here’s the unsuspecting pathogen, minding its own business, busy making your life miserable, and buzzing along at its own natural frequency.

Out of the blue, it now finds itself vibrating with much greater force because you’ve just transmitted its own natural frequency into your body by “cracking the Spooky2 whip” repeatedly. Adding two identical frequencies to each other greatly increases the energy in the target system, just as two ocean waves become bigger and more powerful when they conjoin as one.

But your overlaying waveform now controls how those conjoined energies behave. If you’ve chosen a wave with abrupt direction changes in energy, the rapid and repeated “whip-cracks” will cause electrical state changes that can damage, disable, or devitalize the pathogen.

Some frequency sets are specifically designed to disable specific life-systems, cell-wall components, or functions, so that a pathogen can no longer reproduce, take in sustenance, or even move. So it will quickly die.

For detox, the repeated application of energies serves to “bump” pollutants out of cells and tissues to where they can enter the blood or lymph and be removed by the liver and kidneys. The frequencies work pretty much like a jackhammer, and the result is the dislodgement and mechanical movement of materials foreign to the body.

For healing, the process is completely different and works on the principle of frequency entrainment. Take two grandfather clocks and stand them against the same wall.
Now set their pendulums swinging out of sync with each other. Within a few days, both pendulums will have come back into perfect sync with each other, and will remain that way until they’re disturbed again.

That’s entrainment.

Another example is a little more mysterious and is seen only in girls’ boarding schools and university dorms. At the start of the term, the girls’ natural cycles are all out of sync with each other. Within a few months, they will all have synchronized to within a couple of days of each other.

That’s also entrainment.

So if you take the frequencies of a healthy liver, or a robust immune system, and you transmit them into a body where these are not so wonderful, within a few days frequency entrainment will have taken place, and things will start looking much better.

Some experienced Rife researchers also maintain that since life itself is frequency, the simple act of transmitting beneficial frequencies into the body – any beneficial frequencies – will act to “wake up” the immune system, “remind” it of its function, and set it to work again properly.

Source: Page193 of Spooky2 User’s Guide 20170701

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  1. So if you take the frequencies of a healthy liver, or a robust immune system and transmit them! But what are their frequencies. Are they published in guide and I’ve missed them. I’ve looked but am a newbie. I’m coping with main things and find the guide helpful (wish I’d used it while on Terrain! DOH!!)

    Michael JORDAN
    1. hi,Michael,we have a big database in spooky2 software. You can use keywords to search it on program tab, and run them by spooky2 rife machine.

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