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GeneratorX can monitor either Current or Angle during a biofeedback scan. Both options have their advantages. Here we will explain how to combine both into a single program.

First, make sure both the current and angle will be monitored during the biofeedback scan.


Now choose the GX General Biofeedback Scan (C) – JW preset.


Go to the Control tab, select Allow Generator Overwrites, and choose the appropriate GX generator control button.


Now click on the Scan button at the bottom of the screen. The biofeedback scan will take approximately 6 minutes 22 seconds.

After the scan, this screen will appear. Click on the Save Program icon.


The Create Program screen automatically loads the frequencies. Select all the frequencies by pressing the left mouse button, and dragging over the numbers. Then right-click on the selection and select Copy.


Open up Notepad, WordPad, or any other text editor program, right click your mouse, and select Paste. At the end of the frequencies, add a comma (,). Keep this program running.


Return to Spooky, and close the Create Program screen. The Spooky Control tab will become visible again. We now need to redo an analysis using angle. Select Angle, and press Analyse.


Select the most recent biofeedback file, and press Open.

The file names incorporate the date and time of when the scan was started. In this example, the file name is 20180313_1334_54. 2018 is the year. 03 is the month (March). 13 is the day (13th). 1334 is the time (1:34 pm) and 54 is the seconds.


The Scan Results screen will reappear. Click on the Save Program icon.


Give the scan program a meaningful name, and click on the list of frequencies. Press the left arrow button to move the cursor to the very start of the frequency list.


Return to the text editor program, select all the frequencies, right-click on your mouse, and select Copy.


Go back to the Create Program screen, right-click on your mouse, and select Paste. The frequencies from your text editor will be added. Finally, click on the Save Program icon.


You have now created a program which combines both current and angle measurements. Truly the best of both worlds!

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