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How to Create a Preset Chain? 18

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A preset chain contains a series of presets so you can run killing presets and healing presets in one generator. This blog will show you how to create a preset chain.

For example, l would like to use one generator to run an Acne preset first and a Detox preset afterwards. The Acne preset runs for 8 hours, and the Detox preset runs for 16 hours. Finally, set this preset chain to run twice.

Create Presets
First, create one Acne preset. As I want Acne Remote preset to run for 8 hours and the preset chain to repeat twice, I enter 0 after Repeat Sequence and enter 2 after Repeat Chain. Then go to the Settings tab, enter 8 in the Schedule part. Now I can save the preset named “Acne-Amy”.

Second, choose one Detox preset. Here, I choose Detox Maintenance(R) – JK preset and set Repeat Chain to 2 in the Programs tab. I need this preset to run for 16 hours, so I enter 16 after Run for in the Settings tab. And then save this preset named “Detox Maintenance-Amy”.

Create A Preset Chain
After the presets are created, I can chain them together. Firstly, go to the user directory to find the presets I created. Next is to select them into the Presets to Chain pain. Left-click to choose the first preset and use this button

or right-click to add it to the pane. This operating way is the same as the following presets.

I can save the preset chain after the presets are selected. In order to find my preset chain quickly, I create a new folder for Preset Chain under the User directory.

Debug Preset Chain
I can use the “Age Factor” to debug the preset chain. First, load the preset chain into the Control tab, and enter the factor here to shorten the total running time.

Now I can click “Start” to test this preset chain.

For more details, please check the video below:

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  1. What if I want to run the preset continuous?

    1. Dear Ron Phillips, if you are running Remote mode, don’t worry, it will run the preset continuous. If you’re running preset chain, click the options and make the ‘Repeat Chain’ = 0. Then it will run the preset continuous.

  2. This is insanely complicated. I have created custom programs before, but I don’t remember doing anything anywhere near as complex to do it. There must be an easier way. I’ve done it. There is. I just can’t remember how. All I really want to do is permanently save and use again a chain of presets I’ve put together. How do I do that without needing an aerospace engineering degree (for instructions above, for example)?

  3. Why do you set the Age Factor to 1000? Please explain what Age Factor does. Thank you.

    1. Age Factor [x]: this accelerates all running programs for quick tests. Large values will force a long preset or Chained Preset to run rapidly through all its frequencies, allowing easy checks for errors.

    2. @Amy Ford and anyone else reading this –

      Tooltips are a wonderful way to get a brief explanation of what any particular setting does.

      Click on the System tab – on the left-hand side look at the Disable Tooltips checkbox. It is NOT checked by default. If you should find it is checked, then uncheck it and restart the Spooky2 program.

      Now, when you hover your mouse on MOST (not all) buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons or numbers associated with a setting a tooltip will pop up with a brief explanation of that setting. For instance – the tooltip associated with Age Factor says, “Speed up this channel by applying a factor. Entering 2 will make the program step twice as fast.”

      Applying common sense would lead on to believe that if a 2 makes the program run twice as fast, then a 1,000 would speed up the program 1,000 times.

      Give it a try. You will be amazed at how it increases your understanding of this incredible piece of FREE software. John White and the entire Spooky2 team should go down in the annals of medical science as true pioneering heroes for gifting this technology to the world.

  4. Age Factor to 1000 is only to check if the programs or presets are running as you want. But when the speed programs at a Age Facyor of 1000 have finished, you have to put the Factor Age to a normal number to start running your programs.

    1. Yes, you are right. Thanks for your supplement!

  5. I’m curious if I’m doing this right; I’m looking to chain 15 or so presets from the morg/lyme presets, the ones that apply best to me right now. The problem is I can’t seem to get the programs to follow one another (?)
    I make it as far as being able to save the preset chain but when I go to load the program it is only loading up the first program in the chain, even though I have picked the saved custom preset chain. As I look at each program ranging from 1-3 hours I would expect the estimated total run time in the control tab to be the total time of all the programs, not the time of the first preset. After the first program in the saved preset chain ends the program ends, do I have to custom save each one and change all the settings before I save into the preset chain? – that would seem inefficient.

    zachery andrich
    1. Hi, zachery andrich. Maybe you can have a try with chain editor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AK4cfAqhlec
      If it still doesn’t work, please feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected], they will help you have a further check and reply to you ASAP:)

  6. I have the same problem as zachary, cannot get presets to run consecutively. I watched the suggested video on chain editor.
    When i open my saved preset chain in chain editor, it shows all the presets i chained. However, I do not get the list under presets where I an edit. It stays blank. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi, Terry. Please feel free to send your questions to [email protected], our support team will help you have a further check and reply to you ASAP:)

  7. This is very confusing – is there any chance you guys could do a training course on chaining presets please? 🙏🏻

    1. This is very confusing – the above example is very specific but say if one preset you’re trying to chain is set to go from noon until 3 pm (like the anti-aging one) but you also want to run another preset continuously outside of those times and you want to chain them both together to not stop until you tell them to, how would you do that?
      Is there any chance you guys could do a training course on creating programmes and chaining presets please? 🙏🏻

      1. Sorry, we don’t have the function you want yet. If you follow your plan, you need to set up two different preset chains to run separately.
        Regarding the training course, we will consider the needs in this area, please be patient.

  8. Hello,

    I only have four tabs, the other ones aren’t there for me to be able to make this preset chain. How do I get the other ones?

    1. Dear friend, you can click on utils in the upper left, then choose the first “Toggle Advanced Features”, then it becomes seven tabs.

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