How to Create Audio Files Using Spooky2 17

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We are very happy to announce that the Spooky2 audio files are being upgraded, making them significantly better than before, and unrivaled elsewhere. The benefits are obvious:

1. True stereo, high sample-rate sound quality, with minimum audio loss and astounding clarity.
2. Multiple frequencies broadcast simultaneously, producing beautiful, healing sounds. Unnatural tones are ancient by comparison.
3. Run-time reduced to only 3 minutes, making them exceptionally convenient.
4. Free for personal use. Because we care.

What’s more, you could make your own frequency audio with Spooky2 now!

This new audio feature is applied to Spooky2 software version 20190226 and above.

Step 1: Open Spooky2 Software and Select Healing Shell Preset
Go to Presets tab, click >Shell (Empty) Presets >Contact >Healing (C) – JW.

Create Audio-1

Step 2: Choose Programs You Need in Programs Tab
Go to Programs tab, search the program you need and double click it to choose.

Create Audio-2

Note: You could choose more than one program, but we suggest that the number of frequencies is under 20.

Step 3: Change Some Settings in Settings Tab

Create Audio-3

Go to Settings tab, change maximum frequency to 20000 and minimum frequency to 20.

Create Audio-4

In the Waveform Setup, change out1 to the sine wave.

Create Audio-5

Step 4: Create Frequency Audios in Control Tab
Go to Control tab, tick Overwrite Generator, and choose a generator button. Make sure the sample rate for the sound file is 44100 and click the button under the red arrow to make the audio.


Step 5: Find Your Audio Files
You would see a sentence at the bottom of Spooky2 software when audios are created.


Go to the folder (C:\Spooky2\Audio\), and you will see three types of audio files and one text of Program Description.


You can enjoy your frequency audio now!

1. This article is a simple, basic and safe way for you to apply this feature. You could change some parameters to suit your own needs.
2. You don’t need to connect a generator for this feature. Audio files could be created in test mode.
3. We recommend you listen to audio files of .wav and .flac, because they are non-loss forms.

Have you used this feature yet? How do you feel? Comment below and share with us!

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  1. How do you transfer audio files that are already made,that are seperate from spooky?

    When you download new version of software will you loose created presets, user files from previous software,

    thank you

    1. I wondered about that too, so I tried it on a spare PC. Worked fine. I have upgraded the Spooky2 software several times and my user presets were never effected.

    2. Hi, Byron. If you install over the top, the installer will:
      1. Backup your existing Spooky2 setup in a dated directory.
      2. Install the new version, then migrate your user presets and your custom saved frequency programs.
      Click here for more details:
      The audio will be saved in (C:\Spooky2\Data\)

  2. How do you find Go to the folder (C:\Spooky2\Data\), and you will see two types of audio files. might be simple to some been hours aready trying to find this thanks

    Peter Van Hoeve
    1. Hi, Peter. You can select the type of documents.

  3. I have never done this before. Why would a person want an audio of their protocol?

    1. Hi, pareidoliette. There is a definite benefit to this, although it’s not as effective as using a generator for pathogens because of the low sub-harmonics that must be used. But it’s perfect for healing frequencies because these are all low anyway. So it’s not to be sneezed at. Just make sure you sit close enough to the speakers, or better yet, use headphones. Sound transduction through air loses energy through molecular “bumping.” So the less air the signal must travel through, the better. You can click here for more details:

  4. When I’ve selected multiple programs, each being three minutes in duration, but the resultant file is only three minutes in length. I would have expected the resultant file to be nine minutes. Please explain the way multiple programs are written to the file.

    1. Hi, Travis. You could choose more than one program, but we suggest that the number of frequencies is under 20.

  5. In Step 4, I do not have an audio button. Is there something I need to do to get it? Should I choose temote or contact under the hraling preset?

    1. Hi, Laura
      1. You should download the latest version of Spooky2 here:
      2. Click >Shell (Empty) Presets >Contact >Healing (C) – JW first.

    2. Enquired of Spooky2 and they replied – We are sorry to say that for the newest version software, the engineer has deleted the audio file creation button. As the Imperfect function.(Sept 2022)

      1. Hi, you can directly listen to pure rife frequency from our YouTube channel:

  6. Siempre sale un audio de 3 minutos. Aunque haya más de una frecuencia sin llegar a las 20. Es normal?

    jerome ducret
    1. Si es normal Todo el audio creado es de 3 minutos. Todas las frecuencias se ejecutan en 3 minutos.

  7. Is this function still available? I can only get to step 4. then I don’t see a “music note” symbol?

    1. Hi, please contact our support team, you can send your question to [email protected], they will give you reply ASAP.

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