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How to Do GX TENS Scan 15

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The instruction below shows you how to do a GX TENS scan.

Step 1
Connect your Spooky2 contact mode accessory to the Out 1 port of G1 or G2. Then short press the Power button to turn on GX.
Spooky2 GeneratorX

Step 2
Launch the Spooky2 software.
Go to the Presets tab, select >Biofeedback, GeneratorX, and then select the GX Biofeedback Scan (C) – JW preset:

GX TENS Scan-1

GX TENS Scan-2

Now go to the Control tab, tick Overwrite Generator, then click the red generator control button. The Frequency Column should be empty, and you should see these settings:

GX TENS Scan-3

Enter the person’s name and/or other details in the Log Name field. Place the TENS pads across the area you would like to scan. Then click the Scan button to start the biofeedback scan.
When your scan completes, you will see the results presented in a new window. You can directly do a reverse lookup by clicking Go. This will find matches of the resultant frequencies in the Spooky2 database. Save the frequency results by clicking the Save button.

GX TENS Scan-4

This will take you to the Create Program window. Name your scan results set appropriately, then select Save. We suggest including the person’s name and date. You can edit the Notes if you wish for future reference.

GX TENS Scan-5

Spooky2 will automatically refresh the database after adding a new program. Your new program can now be searched in the Programs tab.

GX TENS Scan-6

You can also click Analyse to open data from a previous scan. In this way, you can also choose different settings for the analysis, such as choosing Angle instead of Current. Click Analyse + will analyze the data combining Current and Angle. BPM and HRV are combined for Spooky2 Pulse.

GX TENS Scan-7

When the file opens, Spooky will instantly perform another analysis and present the results ready for another Reverse Lookup or for saving. The numbers in the file names are the scan date and time.

GX TENS Scan-8

GX can also do scans and treatment automatically using the GX Scan + Run preset. The preset begins with a 20-minute biofeedback scan. The hits found are then run on the same generator. When the program completes, another biofeedback scan commences. This cycle repeats until the preset is stopped OR no hits are detected. It can be run overnight using TENS pads. Simply load the preset and click Scan from the Control tab to start this preset.

GX TENS Scan-9

1. It is better to have the electrodes as close as possible across the problem area, so more of the pathogen cells are passed by the signal.
2. For a general scan, place the pads on the left and right of the torso, midway between the hips and shoulders. The signal will go through the gut, which is a major organ, reflecting the state of your body. Many pathogens reside there.
3. Never place electrodes above the neck and keep them away from the heart.
4. Hand cylinders can be used instead of TENS pads, but the grip has to be kept constant for accurate results.
5. The biofeedback scan function can only be used when GX is controlled by the Spooky2 software. It cannot be performed stand-alone.
6. Spooky2 can only perform one biofeedback at a time.

For more information, please check the video below:

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  1. PLEASE turn off the piano music! Thank you.

    Cynthia E Tammaro
  2. Where does detox material go? If those are toxins they are physical, not digital. They need to go either through urine or sweat. What do you put into remote boxes for DNA?

    1. They will go away via metabolism and from urine or sweat, liver and kidney.

  3. Hello,

    In your video we can see a list of frequencies as a result of the scan… Is it possible to tell/name the patogens that are causing trouble and the affected organs?

    1. pls note, biofeedback scan is not a dignose tool. it just tell you the same frequency found in your body and in certain diseases. it does not mean you have the same disease.so do not worry! For more details, please check this link:https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/understanding-biofeedback-scan/

  4. Hi Penny,

    If you run a beofeedback for a person multiple times in the same day without any treatment you will have the same result?
    If you run a treatment and do another beofeedback after the frequencies will be the same or different?
    How many treatment need to be done till you don’t have any beofeedback frequencies for treatment?

    Best regards,

    1. Hi, you will never get the same bioscan results after every bioscan. We are always under the danger of toxins, bacteria, or poison, including when you eat or drink something, so keep running and taking advantage of this program.
      We recommend every bioscan result runs for 3-4 days, and then do another bioscan, so soppky2 can run the most suitable frequencies you need for now

  5. In utilizing this rife approach does spooky 2 use a targeting frequency or does it use a broader band of frequencies to surround the pathogen and thereby kill the pathogen even if it tries to mutate to a different frequency of existence

    John Hecimovich
    1. Hi, our Spooky2 use a targeting frequency to kill the corresponding pathogen. Any other questions, please feel free to send your questions to [email protected], our support team is willing to help you at any time:)

  6. MY SOFTWARE downloaded April 2022 does not have ANY of this stuff on it, just the ability to ‘scan” after checking a port so is this NEW and if so, please up UPDATED VIDEO in youtube videos or on here OR ON THE BOOKLET YOU SENT WITH MY NEW GENX PRO kit.

    1. Hi, Lisa. Really so sorry to bring you this trouble. Our Spooky2 software keeps under updates, but the main body of the software is not changed. You can get some instructions from these videos. And really thanks for your advice, we are planning to update videos about GX Pro, so please give me more time:)
      Any questions during use, please feel free to send them to [email protected], our support team will give you much more detailed information. Apologize again for any inconvenience caused:)

  7. I have the central kit with the GX pro. Do I run this with the GX pro connected to the central?

    1. Yes, of course you can do it! GX Pro is the upgraded version of GX. All functions of GX Pro refer to GX’s.

  8. Hello
    Text says
    “GX can also do scans and treatment automatically using the GX Scan + Run preset. […] It can be run overnight using TENS pads. Simply load the preset and click Scan from the Control tab to start this preset.”

    Scan is performed with tens pads cable connected directly to the port (no booster). But Contact mode requires the booster to connect the tens pads.
    So how is it possible to have this configuration suggested on the instruction? No booster connected to GX ? And then when the system is delivering frequecies is through the same pads it used to scan but without the booster?
    Please clarify. Thanks

    1. Dear Adrian, the GX does not require Boost for biofeedback scans. Having the Boost in the middle can introduce some electronic noise into the scan, which can give you false results on the GX. Therefore, we recommend that you connect the tens pad directly to your generator when performing biofeedback. Hope it helps. Any questions, feel free to contact us via email: [email protected].

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