How to Get Rid of Eye Floaters? 7

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Sometimes in your life, especially when you get older, you look at the sky or a bright object one day, and suddenly you may notice a few specks floating in front of your eyes. You might not see them clearly. They are just like dust stuck on a camera lens. You try to blink them away or rub your eyes, but they stay anyway, even when you look at them somewhere else. When you experience the above situation, you might have eye floaters.

What are eye floaters?

Most eye floaters are the result of age-related changes. They occur as the vitreous inside your eyes becomes more liquid. As you age, they clump together and cast tiny shadows on your retina. As a result, these shadows form floaters in front of your eyes.

Floaters are common, and for many people, it is their natural ageing process. In most cases, their eye floaters come and “go” because they get used to them over time. People hardly notice the floaters are there. However, floaters can only get less pronounced, but they stay in your eyes once they appear. If you notice a sudden increase in eye floaters, contact an eye specialist immediately. These can be symptoms of an emergency that requires prompt attention.

Symptoms of eye floaters

Just like fingerprints, we don’t have two people seeing the same patterns of eye floaters. Some people also suggest that what people see with their eye floaters depends on their own imagination. You might even see different shapes of floaters in each eye. The pattern of eye floaters may also change over time. Usually, eye floaters are darker than the background or what you see. You can’t identify them in darkness or with your eyes closed.

The followings are some forms of eye floaters that you may see:

  • Curly lines.
  • Spots.
  • Thread strands.
  • Small shadowy shapes.
  • Black or dark spots.

As we stated before, eye floaters are mostly caused by ageing. They may also occur as a result of other conditions such as:

  • Inflammation: Posterior uveitis is inflammation in the back of the eye. It can be caused by infection and other inflammatory diseases. Posterior uveitis releases inflammatory debris into the vitreous. This debris forms eye floaters that we see in front of us.
  • Post eye surgeries and medications: Medications and surgeries injected or performed in the vitreous can cause air bubbles to form afterwards. These air bubbles cast shadows and become eye floaters.
  • Bleeding in the eye: Bleeding caused by hypertension, diabetes, injury, etc. that permeate into the vitreous. It can cause eye floaters formed by blood cells.
3 ways to help you get rid of eye floaters

Vitrectomy: it is a type of surgery that removes eye floaters from your vision by removing your original vitreous. Instead, a new solution will be placed to maintain the shape of your eyes. And over time, your body will produce more vitreous to replace this solution. This method does not cause bleeding or trauma. However, there is a possibility that eye floaters will still form in the future.

Laser therapy: lasers are aimed directly at the floaters to break them up. The disadvantage of this therapy is that retina may be damaged if lasers are not aimed correctly.

Spooky2 Eye Floaters Presets: The presets are made by Desmond Wee. Run them on your Spooky2 Remote for several weeks and observe the results.

Use Remote, Amplitude 5V, Square wave:
Preset 1:
Streptococcus Sweep TR (CUST)
Streptococcus Pyogenes (HC)
Streptococcus Pyogenes (CAFL)
Biofilms 01 (CUST)
Chlamydia General (CAFL)
Chlamydia Pneumoniae 1 (CAFL)
Chlamydia Pneumoniae 2 (CAFL)
Chlamydia Pneumoniae 3 (CAFL)
Chlamydia Trachomatis (CAFL)
Pneumonia General V (CAFL)
Pneumonia General (CAFL)
Streptococcus Infection General (CAFL)
Streptococcus Pneumoniae (CAFL)
Preset 2:
Pneumonia General V (CAFL)
Pneumonia General (CAFL)
Streptococcus Infection General (CAFL)
Streptococcus Pneumoniae (CAFL)
Streptococcus Sweep TR (CUST)

Download the Preset files and copy them into the user folder (C: Spooky2-Preset Collections-User)

Other programs recommended by Spooky2 users

1. Eye Floaters XTRA
2. Floaters kHz
3. Eye Arteriosclerosis CAFL
4. Detox 4 Toxins Throughout the Body CAFL
5. Circulatory Stasis CAFL

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  1. Hi can the spooky machine help with cataract in the right eye?

    1. Hi, Spooky2 machines help! There are some real feedback from other Spooky2 users with annoying cataract, hope you can find some useful information:

    2. Yes The frequency will go through both eyes and your body will just accept what it needs and doesn’t need. Just look up Cataracs in the program setting there are many to choose from. I have been working with the system since December and mine are almost gone.

  2. I only have eye floaters, no other eye problems except astigmatism and the need for glasses for distance but I have noticed that they are definitely getting better for sure. I have been running this 05/10/22 to 05/27/22 as of today. I’m super impressed!!

    1. So great to hear this good news from you! Hope you can benefit more by using our Spooky2 machines:)

  3. Hello I had an injury in the left eye 2 years ago. Struggling with floaters. Also any programs that I can run to heal the ciliary muscle in the eye, improve my vision, reduce floaters , reduce the white flashing lights in the eye. Also to heal my eye structurally.

    1. Hi, so sorry to hear this from you. Hope you can get some good results ASAP!
      Looking forward to receiving feedback from you:)

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