Generally, all we can do is try a setup, and tweak one variable at a time, when looking for a personal optimized setup.

I can give you some starting points given my experience, but they are not guaranteed to work the same for you, or even be optimal.

For one, since your aim is entrainment, you will probably want to use a sine wave (no harmonics) and avoid adding any features like wobbles, feathers, etc., to start. This is to allow the frequency to be applied as a pure tone given the goal is to entrain.

From my personal testing, I like to set the amplitude to 5v, no offset, and add a gate to Out 1 only. I use a gate of 7.83 Hz. The goal behind this is to pulse the amplitude between 5 and 10v (when both channels are on, the boost doubles the amplitude). The other is I'm embedding the healing aspects of 7.83 Hz into the mix.

You can view this setup by looking at the Kundalini (R) - JK in the Heal collection.

You certainly can just start out with the sine wave and select a starting amplitude and keep it simple, then add one variable at a time to find your personal setup. Usually I go for a few days to evaluate before making a change, making notes as to how each variable added or detracted from my experience.

I hope this gives you some ideas. As to a particular frequency program to use as the basis for the process, I do not have many suggestions. If you want, many have reported notable effects from the Songs of the Spine set, which is also a component of the Kundalini preset. Perhaps you can pair it down to just these frequencies and use it as a starting point as well.

Entrainment Healing

Authored by: Jeff Kaczor