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How to Resume Your Program 4

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Now many programs in the software can be run automatically, unattended, perhaps for days or weeks, by using the ‘Remote’ mode. Nevertheless, there are times when automatic isn’t appropriate. Here are two ways of how to resume your program from where it last ran.

Method 1: Enter preset number.

The terrain remote preset runs for 11 days, and then repeats itself. Whilst this is very handy, in the real world, sometimes we need to stop and start our frequencies manually.

For example, we may have completed eight days of an eleven day ‘Remote’ detox Terrain protocol – but then we might develop a toothache that needs Spooky’s immediate attention.

Having completed a set of frequencies dealing with our toothache, how do we now resume the ninth day of our eleven-day detox program, where we left off?

First, choose Terrain (R) Preset, from its note, we can see Day9 are Kidney Function 2 and Cleanse Blood, which are the 10th preset of the total 15 preset. Then we need to ensure the two ‘Overwrite’ check boxes are checked so as to replace any previous settings with what we have newly selected in the ‘Preset’ or ‘Settings’ tabs.

Once we click the red generator button we can see that not all programs for this chain are displayed – only those for the current preset ‘1. Remove Metals’ are visible – the other program frequencies in the ‘Terrain’ preset are only visible for each program when it is actually running.

So how do we select a different program in the currently loaded preset (or chain)?

The Dwell, Step, and Preset fields are editable – so just by entering a number in the ‘Preset’ field, you can load the frequencies for any preset number. Therefore, enter ’10’ in the ‘Preset’ field (then press Tab) and the Kidney Function 2 will be loaded with the associated frequencies displayed in the Frequencies pane.

Note, that you can even change the current preset half-way through a preset run, but you must first press the ‘Pause button to change the field.

Method 2: Use Resume Button

For example, we’re 52% through the Terrain remote preset. We want to add a second generator to the system. Is there any way to resume this program if it gets interrupted?

First directly go to Control Tab, click the channel you ran last time. You will see the programs are showed in the pane. Don’t click Start button, or you will start your program from the beginning. Click the slim gray button next to the Start button. It will resume your program at the last step that was done.

Thanks for John Ingleson
Source: http://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=6298

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  1. my spooky2 stopped during the night even though i had stopped the sleep mode, to never sleep and the internet was off also so i thought this would stop it from updating. its a new pc so didnt think it got hot. Would anyone know the problem?

  2. I’m trying to resume where I was left off in the program and I’m having problems do I need to restart the generator in order for it to be detected again?

  3. Does the generator need to be turned off and on once there is an error to restart program where it was left off?

    1. Hi, no need to restart your programs unless your generator has lost the connection to your computer. If you failed to restart your programs by following the steps advised in this blog, please feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected], they is willing to help you have a further check and help you ASAP:)

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