How to Start Rifing with Spooky2 on a Shoestring Budget Leave a comment

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We generally recommend our first-time users to buy one of our Spooky2 Kits to get the full experience of Spooky2 rife system.

Find out which kit to choose here:

But if you are short of funds and don’t have anything that serious, you can take suggestions below into account.

Bare minimum for remote usage:

The Spooky2-XM Generator ($114.95)

Tape for nail samples ($0.50)

We would strongly recommend Spooky Boost v3.1 ($18) as well, it is not required, but will enhance the operation of the remote.

Bare minimum for contact usage:

The Spooky2-XM Generator ($114.95)

Spooky Hand Cylinders ($20.00)

Tens pads ($9.19)

Tens Cable ($15): Needed to connect tens pads.

Both hand cylinders and tens pads are used for contact mode. You can choose either of them or both if you need. Tens pads are ideal for long-time treatments while holding metal tubes can get tiresome after a while.

Optional for colloidal silver generation usage:

Silver Rods ($28)

Magnetic Stirrer ($40)

Full instructions to create true nano-particle colloidal silver can be found here:



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