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Important New Uploads 16 March 2016: Software and Morgellons Protocol Leave a comment

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We have just uploaded Spooky2 16032016, the accompanying User’s Guide and version 2.07 of the Morgellons Protocol here:


Spooky2 16032016

Changes for this important mid-month release are:

New: Spooky2 now enforces Spooky Central parameters in a Channel if the text string “Spooky Central” is detected in the Program Preset Menu selection.

New: clicking on Spooky2’s friendly ghost icon during the generator detection phase of software startup will skip to the Apply Autostart phase, speeding up launch times.

New: control to swap frequencies for Out 1 and Out 2, making it much easier to build Programs that require a fixed carrier. Out 2 can now produce the low frequency Modulation while Out 1 transmits the high-speed carrier. Wave Cycle Multipliers are taken into consideration to reproduce the true output frequency. Low frequency amplitude reduction (if set) will not apply to the correct Out because only the frequency is swapped, not any of the other parameters. When this control is engaged, frequency indicators in the Channel Control panel are red.

Improved: code now prevents database amplitude programming from changing the output voltage from 5v if Spooky Central is set as the default device for the Channel. Programmed offsets are also now taken into account. Spooky Central can handle negative voltages during a waveform.

Improved: removed redundant hidden code for Spooky Stickypad.

Improved: removed JW-Spooky Central Low Frequencies Preset and replaced it with JW-Spooky Central Beat Frequencies.

Improved: increased maximum number of frequencies loadable to a Channel from 4,000 to 10,000.

Improved: unchecked Remove Duplicate Frequencies control in all Presets.

Fixed: various code fixes and optimisations.

There are no changes to the database, and only the cover page and page 4 or the Guide have been changed. Although a control has been added to the interface which necessitates replacement of all screenshots, I regret this must follow later because urgent work on the underpinnings of the website must take precedence.

Morgellons Protocol v2.07

This is an important update which provides workarounds for a frequency count limit that forces some long Programs to finish earlier than they should. It also draws attention to an important setting that needs to be disabled if the user chooses the JW Presets from the menu instead of following the settings shown in the Protocol. This could render one very important Program less effective than it should be.

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