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Hello Friends,

Thank you very much for all your support! Each one of your generous contributions to Spooky2 has helped us tremendously. We are blessed to have you in the Spooky group.

Spooky2 is now 2 and a half years old and growing up fast. People like you are making this all possible.

In appreciation, for all present Spooky2 users, we have prepared 200pcs of complimentary Spooky2 T-shirt. Our available sizes are shown on this chart. If you ever return to get other things in Spooky2 Mall, please send me a message after the order confirmed, tell me your preferred size so we can send one that fits comfortably. Or send me email to [email protected] for Returned users only.

Again, thank you for your work! We are grateful for all you have done.

Best of health,
Spooky2 Team

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