In today’s world, lifestyle can be very different according to one’s biological clock. Some may rush everyday even barely eat their breakfast, while some enjoy a more leisurely pace. Biological clock controls our body’s circadian rhythms which includes physical, mental and behavioral daily.

In our environment, our circadian rhythms are very sensitive to light and darkness. There are studies shown that, almost every living things’ circadian rhythms have shown sensibility to light and darkness. Studies have now focused on the effects that biological clock could do to the progression of cancer.

There is one study has shown that “activating the biological clock in tumors could become an innovative approach in slowing their growth or that of metastases,” according to Professor Nicolas Cermakian, from Mcgill University’s Department of Psychiatry. This is actually the first time for study shown the connections between biological clock and cancer and later his findings are published in the journal BMC Biology. Also says from Professor Nicolas, people now may be able to try more conventional therapies such as surgery orchemotherapy.

Circadian clocks are able to control cell cycle factors which means that, if adjust our circadian clocks to a certain way, it is able to stop the growth of cancer cells. Professor’s team also conducted a study to compare growth and cell cycle events of cells called B16 melanoma and tumors with 2 different clock. In this study, they successfully adjusted the gears of the internal clocks in cancer cells which make them function properly again. Later they also successfully tested this method in mice and tissue cultures which also successfully slowed down the growth of cancerous tumor. One week later, the tumor treated with this method was two-thirds smaller than the other tumor.

Cermakian’s research indicated that the malfunctioning clock contributed to rapid tumor growth. We may not be realized that our daily biological clock has such an important fact to the progression of cancer. Some people may say they are too busy to focus on their daily routines. However, keep a regular and healthy biological clock is another thing. Keeping a regular breakfast and lunch time, having enough water and even just go to bed at the same time and give your body enough time to rest could bring yourself less chance of progression of cancer.

Targeting the biological clock could slow the progression of cancer