Lately, I hear so much about cancer that I have to clarify a few points from the perspective of Natural Quantum Healing.

Haling naturally is without side effects but brings side benefits. Unnatural healing practices have numerous undesirable, harmful side effects.

Most of people do not know why they got cancer. So they go to a doctor “specialist” to tel them what is wrong with them and he prescribes what they have to do in order to heal them selves. That is the legal way, "because who you are to heal yourself".

However, there is rising awakening all over the world and people are re-possessing the responsibility for their life.

How "cancer" starts?

Cancer cells are in our body with many other harmful bacteria and viruses all the time, but intelligence inbedded in our living system keeps it balanced, so it doesn't grow abnormally. The uncontrollable growth starts when we/our system harmonizing intelligence get our of balance. It starts with a thought.

Thought of a certain quality (energy- that means certain frequency spectrum). A thought that causes unnatural (unpleasant) emotional state.

If the thought and emotion (electro - chemical reaction in the brain and whole body) happen rarely our system recuperates from disturbing -unhealthy influence. But if the pattern repeats often it creates a dark spots where intelligence of system is not present in needed degree.

So, the most polluted areas of our body loose harmonizing influence of intelligence. These areas become the seat of imbalance, a source of quiet infection/information that grows as we continue accepting and generating the destructive electro-chemical pattern like unhappiness, anger, fear, sadness, jealousy, greed. After certain time it can manifest as any acute or chronic disease, depending of what was the thought/emotion pattern or frequency spectrum and environment of surrounding toxic elements. 

This is how our thoughts and feeling towards people and life situations, create our destiny and cause beginning of a disease.

So the thought/emotion pattern is the necessary precondition, then the direct cause can be anything: toxins in the food, in the air, in the water, medications, vaccine, cell phone radiation, wifi, cell towers, radioactive nuclear pollution, etc.