If we analyse the emotional/thought pattern of cancer patients, we find long periods foe emotional distress: unhappiness, anger, fear, sadness, jealousy, greed and similar.

We create "darkness" in our system every time when we do not follow ourselves (our inner voice - feeling, gut feeling), and we experience so called negative emotions, sadness, anger. So our natural flow of harmony with nature & universe (happiness and peace) have been blocked.

When we understand this, really deep, than the healing begins and is much easier.

This is the mechanism of modern quantum healing and traditional chanting and touch techniques of different word cultural traditions of priests, Buddhist, shamans and other. So to the most important change is of your inner mental state, but it comes later as you cleans you body from toxic deposits supported by negative emotions.

The first recommendation, what I believe is the best long term strategy - to immediately start practicing TM -Transcendental Meditation as it effectively releases the stress and starts the process of awakening to your own real inner nature that is human highest good.

Being diseased, we feel weak and have hard time generating frequencies of harmony and intelligence for our system.

The Second recommendation, is Tesla/Rife invented frequency generators. It is a simple and fast option to reduce and eliminate "dark spots" - destructive energy or unnatural frequency spectrums that do not belong to our body. We do it by using generators that will produce the harmony spectrums we are missing.

Nicola Tesla and Dr. Rife did their research during early 1900s, and today many companies are producing those so called "quantum" machines. The company with integrity, I trust the most is Spooky2. Their frequency generators and other equipment is the most advanced on the market today. The generators have preset programs and choice of all frequencies need for healing simplest to the most dangerous diseases, and the results are significant.

The Third recommendation, apply simultaneously all other body cleansing programs like vegetable juicing, probiotic foods, immune - boosting supplements, prayer and other.
I like programs Dr.Axe recommends, they are simple, natural and scientifically proven.