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[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 67: How to Build Happiness Leave a comment

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Happiness is an aspiration of every human being, and can also be a measure of social progress.
A Better Mind Means A Better Brain And Life – because of neuroplasticity, your repeated thoughts, feelings and behaviors actually shape your physical brain and its functioning. Hence, by changing your mindset, you can change your brain, your emotions, your conditions, your body your organs and the whole life.

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson at the University of North Carolina, a leader in the field of positive psychology:

  • Happiness broadens your focus and expands your thinking
  • Happiness improves your ability to problem-solve
  • Happiness builds physical, intellectual, and social resources
  • Happiness counteracts negative emotions
  • Happiness protects your health.

But to start generating happiness we need to understand that real happiness is not the same as temporary pleasure.
We need to start looking for happiness on the inside and Focus on the present.
Let go of your ego and be humble.
Free yourself from negative thoughts and emotions through development practices like yoga and meditation.

The 7 Habits of Happy People

  • Relationships – Express your heart, friendships are happier.
  • Acts of Kindness – Cultivate kindness. Care for others on a consistent basis.
  • Exercise and Physical Wellbeing – do regular exercise, keep moving and eat well.
  • Flow -Find your flow – experience a joyful state called “flow”.
  • Spiritual Engagement and Meaning – Discovering Meaning/purpose.
  • Strengths and Virtues – Discover and use those strengths and virtues for a purpose that is greater than your own personal goals.
  • Positive Mindset – Optimism, Living in the present moment and Gratitude – Treasure gratitude, living now, and hope.

In the final analysis, we find that Happiness Is The Goal Of Personal Development.
Happiness is an internal state and happiness can be achieved as a byproduct of purposeful focused life!

  • Uncontrolled desire – Passions lead to suffering but negative emotions can be eliminated.
  • We are responsible for who we are and we can change ourselves but personal development requires investment – effort.
  • Personal development can be reduced to inner happiness, harmony, freedom, healthy relations, love, and life-supporting choice.
  • Generating happiness and harmony involves improvement of qualities, such as willpower, consciousness, moral independence, self-confidence, intelligence, patience and physical health.
  • When we start generating (frequencies of) happiness, the personality moves away from suffering, anger, dissatisfaction, frustration, ignorance, envy, prejudice and depression.
  • In beginning being happy is more difficult, than being unhappy until we remove our problem causes that lie in ourselves – then natural blissful state is the easiest most attractive life experience.
  • Life in harmony with the nature is the central point of my work. “Nature” equals to laws on nature, the intelligence of nature of the Universe. That equals to total plasticity of the nervous system, total fluidity, resistance free flow of information (including cognitive processes and information flow within the system).

Yes, overcoming your ego, and reconciling with yourself is easier said than done? For sure, but stay committed to these steps and you can achieve a more fulfilling state than just temporary pleasure.

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