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About Diabetes

Technically, Diabetes is not a condition. It’s more than a condition which contains an extra flow of urine related with sugar elimination. In the early stage, Diabetes has no symptoms and slowly and secretly engulfs the patient. Diabetes is more common in male than female. Mostly it is due to our unhealthy lifestyle and there are various food can help in the prevention and treatment of Diabetes.

Diabetes Symptoms

1. Sugar in Blood and urine
2. Excessive thirst
3. Excessive hunger
4. Frequent urination
5. Wounds can not heal
6. Pain in the feet
7. Poor vision
8. Constipation
9. Fatigue and weakness of body
10. High blood pressure
11. Itch and dry skin
12. Headaches

Natural ways to treat Diabetes

Exercises and yoga can significantly treat with Diabetes. However, besides that, there is also various natural food can help in the prevention, control, and treatment of Diabetes.

1. Lemon
Lemonade is able to improve blood sugar control and therefore, prevent the cholesterol deposition in blood vessels.

2. Orange
Diabetic patients can take one orange per day due to its effective ability to control sugar level. Dried peel of orange can ground into powder and then drink it with water directly.

3. Mango Juice and Apple Juice
Mix the juice of mango and rose apple in the same quantity and drink it daily can help to treat diabetes.

4. Rose Apple Juice
In homeopathy, rose apple juice is used for treating diabetes. Daily intake of rose apple juice can control the sugar level in urine.

5. Tomato
Tomatoes are very helpful for diabetes. It can gradually reduce sugar level in the urine. They can also help with other related urinary conditions.

6. Carrots
Carrots juice can be mixed with spinach juice in 2:1 to treat with Diabetes.

7. Bitter Gourd
Bitter gourd juice can effectively treat with Diabetes. It can provide relief from sugar in urine.

8. Lady Finger
Dried stems of lady fingers can be mix with sugar candy and cool water. Daily intake of it on empty stomach can actually relieve diabetes.

9. Fenugreek
Fenugreek seeds can significantly reduce the level of sugar in our blood. Its very effective towards diabetes. Cooking method can be any form with water. It can also lower the level of cholesterol.

Diabetes Prevention

Diabetics should avoid sweet components such as sugar, jaggery, sugar candy, rice, and fine flour. Diabetics should try to only eat fruits, greens and lemon water without sugar on their fast day which should be arranged every 7 days in their daily schedule. What’s more, processed foods such as french fries or even white bread should be avoided strictly.


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