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New Accessories Released: Spooky Remote v2.0 and Spooky Boost v3.1 Leave a comment

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We are pleased to announce the release of our new Spooky Remote v2.0 and Spooky Boost v3.1.

Spooky Remote v2.0
Spooky Boost v3.1

Spooky Remote v2.0

This is a significant upgrade from our previous DNA transmission device. Our desire is to have the best transmitter possible, and we believe we have succeeded.

We originally planned to test proposed variations of the new Spooky Remote with the assistance of 22 volunteers living in countries as distant and diverse as Japan, America, Australia, Uk, and more. The tests were performed via Skype to ensure we could carefully observe and record feedback.

After the initial trial, we discovered that the new Spooky Remote could be further improved. And one discovery fully upturned our preconceptions of what would work best.

So we picked the best of the volunteers and continued the arduous cycle of test, analyze and improve. Ultimately, we performed 6 separate trials.

During the last trial, the testers were unanimous in their decisions. There was one Spooky Remote configuration which stood head and shoulders above all others. This is the new Spooky Remote v2.0.

Here are the advantages of the new improved remote:

  • Can be used for both healing and killing presets.
  • No fatigue during long-term use.
  • DNA can be placed anywhere within the holder.
  • More consistent results.
  • Better frequency response.
  • Protection against sharp edges.
  • Improved indication lights.
  • Simplified DNA insertion and removal.
  • Silent.

Spooky Boost 3.1

In our strive to perfect our products, we decided to make improvements to our Spooky Boost. The first thing we changed was the looks. Streamlined curves make the new Spooky Boost stylish, beautiful and easier to handle. The matt black finish contrasts nicely with the chrome connectors. Small LEDs provide a visual indication that a signal is being boosted. And the size of Spooky Boost has been reduced to allow tighter integration with our generator.

A perfect match for our new Spooky Remote.

Here are the functions and advantages of the new boost:

  • Stylish design
  • More compact
  • Indication lights
  • Boosted power for either Spooky Remotes, contact mode or PEMF coil operation
  • Regular sockets for lower power use.
  • Colloidal Silver socket for making top-grade Colloidal Silver.
  • Safely make true Colloidal Silver that is fresher and better than most commercially available products, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Safe extended period Contact Mode treatments.

Please check below for details.

Spooky Remote v2.0
Spooky Boost v3.1

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