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Performing Extremely Accurate Biofeedback Scan Using Baseline 40

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John discovered a new way to improve the accuracy of Baseline scan, click here to know more. 

Thanks for many users’ feedback and John’s hard work, we released a new version of Spooky2 software (20190116) with many groundbreaking changes. One of the most popular one among these changes is Baseline.

What is Baseline?

Baseline is a super cool feature that allows you to determine the signal over biofeedback scan when no sample is detected.

Why do you need Baseline?

Baseline could disregard electrical noises, Wi-Fi signals and any other issues that may affect your scan and make your scan results even more accurate.
Here is why Baseline could achieve that. When you want to do a biofeedback scan with TENS Pads, stick the two pads together during Baseline. If it’s sample digitizer scan, put no samples during Baseline. As you can see, the only difference between the baseline and the actual scan afterwards would be the human body (or the sample).

Where could you find this new feature?

Go to Control tab, and you could see this in the biofeedback scan panel.


How do you use Baseline?

Step 1: Do a Baseline Scan
1. For TENS scan, stick two pads together.


For Sample Digitizer scan, put no sample in the Sample Digitizer.


2. Go to Presets tab, click >Biofeedback and choose the preset according to your scan device. For example, I want to use TENS Pads to do a fast scan.


Go to Control tab, click overwrite generator and choose your generator for scan.
Then click Baseline button in the biofeedback scan panel.
Baseline takes the same time as a scan. Because that is what it is.


Step 2: Do Biofeedback Scan
1. For TENS scan, stick two pads where you want to scan.
For example, if you want to scan your kidneys, please place two pads separately on two sides of your body.


For more information about how to stick pads, please see this blog:

For Sample Digitizer scan, put the sample in the Sample Digitizer.

2. When Baseline scan is completed, click scan to start your biofeedback scan.



  • This feature can’t be used in Pulse scan.
  • Don’t change any parameters after Baseline.

For more new features, please see this blog:

Have you used this new feature yet? How do you feel? What is your favorite change in this update? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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  1. Thank you John for explaining how to use the BaseLine option. Very interesting.

    1. Thank you for your support, it’s a very useful change.

  2. Thank you 🙏 it’s helpful

    1. Thank you for your support!

  3. Hi, is this feature only available for the new Generator X, or can it also be used with the XM generators?


    1. Hi, Julie. This feature is only for Generator X because it can’t be used in Pulse scan.

  4. Thank you, John ! it would be great if Spooky could generate, after baseline correction, a proper Spectrum (depiction) of Intensity vs Log Frequency ! Thank you, Wolf

    Wolfgang JANATA
    1. Thank you for your support! We will consider your suggestions.

  5. Ok John, here is another one : so you perform a baseline Scan and then use a unique sample (e.g a sugar !) into the Sample-digitizer and scan again….. Doing this a few times on the same slide….are these scans look-a-likes….. If not ! Why not ?

    Wolfgang JANATA
    1. Hi, Wolfgang. According to our research, the two scan results we performed are only 0.44% difference. So they look alike. As to why occur difference, here is a blog about it: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/why-do-scan-results-differ-each-time/

  6. To avoid having to stick the TENS pads together, I’m using a thin piece of copper sheet between the pads. This way, they’re always ready to do a baseline scan, and the results seem no less accurate than when I stick the pads together directly. Great new feature; scans now only show one or two frequencies worth considering, and Current, Angle, and Angle+Current are all in accord.

    Steve Bradshaw
    1. I am very happy that it is useful to you.

  7. Hi guys. On my software, when I open it to do a biofeedback scan I have sightly different parameters in the control page than on the video tutorials..
    Its recent software, so also has a ‘loops’ tab which I dont understand. what is loops?
    in the ‘percentage’ parameter it always comes up at .25, shouldn’t this be .125?
    many thanks!

    1. Loop means the number of biofeedback you want to perform. You can change it and the duration with change with the number. The presets shown are correct, John felt the .25% is ok for his formulas. Just use what you find best.

  8. Please, can someone detail step by step how to do baseline using XM gen.?
    PRESET > Biofeedback > (what’s next?).
    Thank you.

    1. So sorry. This feature can’t be used in XM Generator which performs Pulse scan.

      1. Sorry if this is a repeat. So, if we are doing biofeedback scan using xm generator, is it not required to do baseline scan? Thanks

        1. yes , if you run scan by using xm generator and pulse , you don’t need to do baseline scan

  9. Can you do a baseline scan with the scalar scan unit? If so, how?

    Richard Petrucelli
    1. Hi, Richard. Scalar Digitizer biofeedback scan is smooth, so baseline is not required.

  10. You can send me in pdf or in some document the translation of the video and the explanation of how it works, thanks to this in order to understand it and I will be able to translate it in Spanish

    1. So Sorry, we don’t have a transcript of this video. You can open the translation on Youtube if you are going to translate it in Spanish.

  11. Is it O.K. to keep a pair of tens pads stuck together and only keep them to use as a baseline? Once the baseline is done I just change the tens pads and use them for the scan.

    Sheila Alexander
    1. Hi, Sheila Alexander. We don’t recommend that since different TENS pads have many facts that will influence the results of baseline.

  12. Can you use fast biofeedback scan for the baseline feature then use General Biofeedback Scan to get more accurate results against the baseline, or do you have to run the same BFB program for baseline and scan? Thx.

    1. Hi, Richard. You just need to ensure the same preset when using a baseline. click baseline and it will reduce the factors when you do a BFB.

  13. Thank you !!!
    Great Training . Clear , simple and to the point yet 100% complete

    Alejandro S Scarpati
    1. Our pleasure to help you. Thanks for your support!

  14. Hi,
    Where do I find this feature! Do I have to make an Update?
    There is no button baseline in my Control register.

    Birgit Baumgartner
    1. Hi, Birgit. Maybe you should update your Spooky2 software. You can download the latest version here: https://www.spooky2.com/downloadspage/

  15. Should I use peak or running average when calculating the base line? I watched a video a while ago where John recommended using peak for base lines, but I don’t remember the reason given for doing so. Please advise, thanks!

    1. Hi Bash, either one is ok and you can try both.

  16. Hey – This is a cool feature – Great job. My question…is the baseline per generator, or for the system as a whole? If I had several GenX devices connected would I have to run Baseline on each and every one, or even both ports of a GenX. Or is it a system-wide parameter that is applied when any device is connected?



    Andy Saisei Galbraith
    1. Hi, Andy, it depends on which genx you use for scan so just do baseline on the generator for scan.

  17. Does this mean that I can use the same tens pads for different people as the baseline value of the tens pads is subtracted from the end result of the scan?
    Also, I seem to have a problem seeing the results Of the scan. They do not automatically show up after the scan, and sometimes when I click ANALYSE IT CLOSES THE PROGRAM, AND i HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN. DO YOU KNOW WHAT COULD BE DOING THIS?

    1. We recommend you use one tens pads for one same person at one time, and then you can do biofeedback scan. And for your mentioned, which may be that you cannot successfully save biofeedback scan results. We recommend you can check this link to try again:https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/why-you-are-unable-to-save-the-spooky-pulse-scan-results/

  18. Hello, please clarify when the “baseline before” check box should be clicked. ie) do we stick Tens to eachother and click Baseline button to run a baseline, then when baseline complete we select checkbox “baseline before” and then click button scan to start the BFB? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi, Baseline Before BFB is another upgrade to improve the accuracy of this article. You can learn more about it in conjunction with this blog, it introduces something. https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/improving-the-accuracy-of-your-biofeedback-results/

  19. Hello
    How long should the time between whale and Scan last?
    On the new version of the software the SCAN button is at the top and not at the bottom.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Marie, for latest news about Baseline you can check this blog: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/maximizing-biofeedback-accuracy-with-spooky2s-baseline/. If you are facing any problem please contact us by email: [email protected] and our customer service team will help you. Thanks for your understanding.

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