These were shared by our Spooky2 user Manuel Mallo.
I have prepared a preset for Human Herpesvirus 2, also known as Genital Herpes.
This preset comprises all the 10 known strains of this creature. You can check it under Miscellaneous directory in the 20180208 Spooky2 software.

As the dwell time is not very long, plasma and contact modes are recommended. Remote mode must be run nonstop for almost a week to see results.

This virus tends to reside in the sacral ganglia, so, you can expect some discomfort in the area.
It is estimated that about 80% of adult people have the HHV1 or HHV2, proving how efficient in spreading they are.

Boost device is used when contact or remote mode is used.

For contact mode I used tens pads placed on the back of the knees, and also over the hip. I use to stick 2 tens pads per pole, as you can see here:

As always, feedback is welcome.

Presets for Human Herpesvirus 2

Authored by: Manuel Mallo