These were shared by our Spooky2 user Manuel Mallo.
Here you have the presets for probably the most dangerous pathogen there is, the Human Papillomavirus. There are over 1,180 different strains of the 100 types with their DNA sequenced.

I have studied the distribution of freqs, and computed a repetitive multi sweep with a dwell of 28 hours for contact and plasma, and 84:09 for remote mode.

As being tied to the machine 28 hours is a bit boring, it has been fractionated in steps of 4 hours to be more easy to receive.

For this preset to work more effectively, I had to create also a simple waveform to transmit the maximum amount of harmonics, but with a lower duty cycle. This new waveform, MM_ModSquareDC17 can also be used with other killing sets, as I have found it to be very effective to transmit freqs, whether they are for killing or for healing purposes.

As virtually every one of us are carrying a high load of any of the HPV targeted by this preset, it is expected to have some herx reactions during the session, so be properly hydrated to minimize the effect, and maximize the transmission efficiency.

These presets are especially computed to target the following conditions:
Cancer, anorectal - squamous cell carcinom
Cancer, brain, glioblastoma
Cancer, cervical
Cancer, colon / colorectal
Cancer, esophageal - squamous cell carcinoma
Cancer, head & neck squamous cell carcinoma
Cancer, lung
Cancer, nasal inverted papilloma
Cancer, ovarian
Cancer, penile - squamous cell carcinoma
Cancer, prostate
Cancer, skin - squamous cell carcinoma
Cancer, tonsil
Condyloma acuminatum (genital warts)
Genital warts
Warts, common (Verruca vulgaris)
Warts, filiform
Warts, flat (Verruca plana)
Warts, genital
Warts, plantar

As always, copy the txt files to your C:\Spooky2\Preset Collections\User folder, and the waveform (csv file), to your C:\Spooky2\ folder.

Boost device is used with the contact and remote presets, to mix the two different signals generated to receive more harmonics. The remote one is intended for running it nonstop for a week at least. The more time, the better. It would be useful to write down the freqs which produce any reaction, to repeat them if necessary.

The testing of the presets is still in progress so, feedback is more than welcome.


Presets for Human Papillomavirus

Author: Manuel Mallo