The many cancers/tumors

The following frequency sets are for remote treatment. In all treatments, irrespective of the type of cancer/tumor, continuously detoxing the body, supporting the organs, and stimulating the immune system is of the utmost importance. Spooky contains Programs to do all of this.

Brain Tumors
You should assume from the beginning that the diagnosis made by doctors is wrong - I have yet to find one that is correct. From my experience, the following Programs are in the order most likely to work:

1. Cancer Astrocytoma:
     Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

2. Cancer Fibrosarcoma:

3. Oligoden Droglioma:

4. Cancer Neuroblastoma:
     Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

5. Cancer Glioblastoma Tumor:
     Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

6. Cancer Rhabdomyo Sarcoma Embryonal:
     Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

7. Meningioma:
    Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

8. Cancer Gliomas:
     Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

‣ Programs containing one single frequency must be run continuously for about two hours  daily.

‣ The other programs must be run at least five times a day but not more than 10 times.

‣ Remember that these are remote treatments – and the intensity must not be more than two   volts. To use contact electrodes, halve the durations.

‣ The larger the tumor the longer it will take to disappear. A 2cm by 2cm tumor will take about one month.

‣ Tumors do not shrink faster by treating them for longer. They each have their own rate of shrinking. Treating for too long may result in brain inflammation, especially in young children.

‣ I found inflammation does occur to some extent when treating any brain tumor, so run  Meningitis frequencies at least once after each treatment.

‣ The MRI scan used for brain tumors is unable to distinguish between a tumor and scar tissue. When a tumor is removed, it leaves behind scar tissue – damage from that tumor. An MRI scan will detect this scar tissue, and the doctors will say the tumor is still there. Only a PET scan will differentiate between tumors and scar tissue. So ask for a PET scan to be done.

Breast Cancer
I found Fibrosarcoma – 1744 – to work every time, without fail. Run it for about a week nonstop.

The biggest problem I encountered was the chemo pills given to women – these throw their hormonal balance into complete disarray by reducing the estrogen level. To get this in balance again is much more difficult than curing the cancer.

Note that doctors do a CA15-3 test to measure the progress of the cancer. This does not measure the tumor directly – it gauges the estrogen level which serves as a marker for the doctor to ascertain whether the tumor is worse or improved.

Doctors firmly believe that high estrogen creates breast tumors. To get the hormonal balance correct, one of the treatments is actually to boost the estrogen level.

Prostate Cancer
This can be either true cancer or just something wrong with the gland that causes it to grow in size. Tania cannot see the difference. So start with the non-cancer Programs as you should feel any improvement rather immediately. Then, if there is no improvement after, say, three days, go for the cancer Programs.

Prostate Enlarged:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

Prostate Problems General:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

Run the following programs:

Cancer Prostate:
20,72,304,442,666,690,727,766,787,790,800,920,1875,1998,2008,2050,2120,2127,2128, 2130,2217,2250,2720,5000
Dwell 180 (3 min each)

Prostate Adenominum:
Dwell: 240 (4 min each)

Prostate Hyperplasia:
Dwell: 300 (5 min)

Blood Cleanser:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

Run the four sets above every day for a week, and in between run:

Immune System Stimulation:
8,20,120,304,432,464,665,728,800,880,1488,1862,2008,2128,2180,2489,2720,2791,2855, 2867,2929,3176,3347,3448,4014,5000,5611,10000
Dwell: 240 (4 min each)

Doctors make use of the PSA test which has now been proven to be unreliable, but is still being used. This test has caused lots of problems, leading some men to believe they have prostate cancer when they do not. So please do not take this test result seriously. Go for a physical examination instead.

Adrenal and Kidney Cancer
It is normally believed that this is an adrenal gland tumor, but because this gland sits on top of the kidney, the kidney will most likely also be involved. I have had just had one case of this, so it is still open for other treatments. Run:

Kidney Papilloma:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

Run the above Program about 10 times consecutively for about 3 days.

In the case I dealt with, a CT scan showed the tumor in the adrenal gland. But Tania saw it as being partly in the kidney and partly in the adrenal. If she had not seen this, I would never have investigated the kidney direction, and would not have found the correct Program. I tried the adrenal gland direction and only found Cancer Adenoma – which did not work.

I then tried Non Hodgkins and it removed the adrenal tumor. The adrenal gland is part of the lymph system, and this is the reason it worked. It made the lymph system improve, and removed emphysema in the lungs.

Lung Tumor/Cancer
Running Fibrosis of the lung – 27.5,220,410 (dwell: 360, or 6 min each) removes the tumor, if not the primary site.

This worked in all three cases I treated. Run it about 10 times consecutively for about 14 days, depending on the size of the tumor.

Note that these Programs do not contain any cancer frequencies.

Do not run it for more times in an attempt to reduce the shrinking time. When you run this Program, the tumor contracts and expands, and if you run it for too long, it will irritate the surrounding area and cause pain. I did this once with very painful consequences for the sufferer.

If the lung was the primary site, the tumor will reduce to about 10% of its original size. To remove this last 10% run:

Kidney Papilloma:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

Run the above Program about 10 times consecutively for about 2 days.

This was an interesting exercise that showed how deep one must delve to get to the true answer. A kidney tumor normally forms in the cervical – outer surface/mucous membranes – of the kidney.

But cervicals are found in many places in the body, and it would appear that the same principle applies: skin, vagina, penis, oropharynx, and anus, etc.

On the web, they concentrate on the sexual organs, and you could easily miss places like the kidney, and even the lungs and others not mentioned. You need to look at the principle involved to get to the truth.

I am sure you would be surprised for what other tumors it would also apply. For instance, I tried to run Squamous Cell Carcinoma without success, but saw that Papilloma is actually the cause of squamous cell carcinoma. It is also the cause of adenocarcinoma, for which I had no Program, and which was one of the possible kidney tumors.

From this I conclude that Papilloma may be at the root of many tumors. When you see Papilloma, you normally think of warts – well, that's what I thought of when I saw this.

Papilloma Virus:
Dwell: 240 (4 min each)

After this, there still remained a very thin tumor in the lungs that did not respond to Fibrosis of the Lung nor to Kidney Papilloma. I tried Asbestos lung – 5111 – and that removed the last bit of this tumor.

Non Hodgkins Lymphoma
Cancer Non Hodgkins 1:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

Cancer Non Hodgkins 2:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

Streptococcus Virus:
Dwell: 360 (6 min each)

Lymph Support:
Dwell: 360 (6 min each)

Lymphs and Detox:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

Blood Cleanser
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

Immune System Stimulation:
Dwell: 240 (4 min each)

Detox Toxins Throughout the Body:
Dwell: 90 (1 min 30 sec each)

Testicle Tumor
Cells of Leudig:
Dwell: 480 (8 min)

Seminal Vericulitis:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
Run for 7 days nonstop.

Cancer for which there are no specific frequencies:
(Note this is true for all cancers).

Cancer Basic 1:
Dwell: 240 (4 min each)

Cancer basic 2:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

Cancer basic set:
Dwell: 240 (4 min each)

Cancer general 1:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

Cancer general 2:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

Cancer General 3:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

Cancer BX:
Dwell: 240 (4 min each)

Alternate the above with:

Cancer BY:
Dwell: 240 (4 min each)

Immune system stimulation:
Dwell: 240 (4 min each)

Blood cleanser:
Dwell: 180 )3 min each)

Detox toxins throughout the body:
Dwell: 90 (1 min 30 sec each)

Authored by Johann Stegmann