Spooky Cold Laser Instructions 32

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Spooky Cold Laser brings the healing qualities of 650nm laser light to the home. These instructions will help you to get started.

Connecting your Spooky Cold Laser

Plug Spooky Cold Laser into the supplied adapter cable, and plug the other end of the adapter cable directly into OUT1 of your Spooky generator. Do not use a Boosted output from Spooky Boost. You can also use the OUT1 of your Spooky boost.

Generator Settings

Load the Spooky Cold Laser Preset, and then add the frequencies you wish to run. This is a general “Shell Preset” that has no frequencies preloaded.

Spooky Cold Laser requires the generator to be set to 20v Amplitude and -100% Offset. The Spooky Cold Laser Preset sets these parameters for you.

A full Spooky2 Preset has been designed to treat Vulgaris Acne. The parameters in this Preset were successfully used in various medical trials. The same Preset can be used for other conditions because it stimulates the body’s natural immune system.

“A Shell Preset is included in Spooky2 if you wish to experiment with other frequency sets.”

Laser Placement

Spooky Cold Laser Twin can be inserted directly into your nostrils, ear, navel, or acupuncture points (meridians). Placing the lasers further from the target can treat larger areas.

Laser covers are provided for Spooky Cold Laser Twin. Clean them with warm, soapy water, rinse, and dry between use. Spooky Cold Laser Twin uses 2 x 7mW 650nm lasers.

Spooky Cold Laser Wrist is primarily designed to be strapped onto the underside of your wrist. This treats your carpel tunnel and the blood passing through the radial artery. The larger application area also makes this accessory ideal to treat the blood passing through the carotid artery on your neck or larger skin areas if long treatment times are desired. Spooky Cold Laser Wrist uses 5 x 5mW 650nm lasers.

Further Notes

[PAT US5616140 A Prescott M]:

Scientific research into the mechanisms of how the body responds to low power laser beam energy suggests that photobiostimulation accelerates the initial phase of wound healing by altering the level of prostaglandins. The laser beam energy additionally increases ATP synthesis by enhancing electron transfer in the inner membrane of the mitochondria, accelerates collagen synthesis by increasing DNA and RNA synthesis, enhances fibroblastic activity and increases the ability of immune cells to ward off invading pathogens by increasing the activity of leukocytes and macrophage cells.

Fibroblasts are the most common cells of connective tissue in animals. Without them we will literally fall apart.


  • Never shine the light of lasers directly into your eyes.
  • Do not allow children to play with Spooky Cold Laser.
  • Do not use Spooky Cold Laser in wet areas.
  • Do not use any other device to control Spooky Cold Laser.
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  1. The cold laser instructions say to use -100% offset, and that it is set automatically in the cold laser preset. However, when I go into the settings while I’m running frequencies, it shows 0% offset. So, which is true-should there be an offset or not? Thanks.

    1. Hi, it is still-100% offset, in the new software, the waveform is embedded in the waveform and you can find this under settings tab.

      1. Penny, forgive my confusion, but I just installed the latest version of the software and I still don’t see any offset for the cold laser. You wrote, “the _waveform_ is embedded in the waveform and you can find this under settings tab.” Did you really mean the _offset_ is embedded in the waveform? If this is the case, I guess you mean the offset is not visible?

  2. Hello, I use the wrist lasers to imprint water in a 4L transparent glass bottle.
    When lightning, the laser reflects on the glass and kind of spread everywhere around.
    Two questions:

    1. When reflected, I suppose that the initial frequency gets modified, is it the case ?
    2. Are the reflections of the laser also a problem ( risk ) for the eyes or is it only dangerous in direct connection laser bean/eyes cases?

    Thanks in advance for your answer! I wish you all the best. Kindly, Samuel

    1. Dear friend, for the answer:1.When reflected, I suppose that the initial frequency does not change.2.When you use a cold laser, wear glasses. Don’t let the laser shine on your eyes.

    2. Hi Samuel,
      You should imprint by firing the lasers down from the top of the container not through the glass to avoid refraction. It only takes 10 seconds to imprint using laser according to an article i read.

    3. What do you mean by imprint water, can you please tell me what this does

  3. Hi,

    When I use my wrist laser, there is no red light. I assume that its not working?

    Can I use it with any frequency as long as I choose the Cold laser preset.?

    Is it possible to run the biofeedback results with the cold laser?

    How do I know if the cold laser wrist band is working?

    Naeema Ahmed Bayat
    1. Hi, please kindly contact spooky2 after-sale service and they will help. You can contact service online or send them email: [email protected]

  4. Hi, I have the GENX version. All the pictures are of the spooky central. Is there a link that explains how to set up cold laser with GENX?

    Brittany Taylor
    1. This reply comes late… I was looking for similar information. The answer is to use OUT 1 from your generator for the wrist accessory. ON the Gen X model there are two internal generators so you may select the OUT1 from G1 OR G2 each are indicated with a red line. I advise to connect BNC adapter to your generator before turning on power to ensure best connection. One your Gen X has powered on, choose the G1 or G2 based on where you attached the BNC adapter. Run your protocols that should be loaded onto the Gen X for all of your uses on or offline. ANy additional information can be found in the guides or on the videos.

  5. Would this be apropriate to treat age spots, liver spots, melanoma ?

    1. You can choose flash , which can help to treat age spots. Please check here : https://t8k3f4n7.stackpathcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/MiraMate-Flash-Instructions.pdf

  6. Can you safety use the wrist laser strapped to a hip joint area that has undergone a total hip replacement with titanium components and stainless steel banding around d the femur?

    1. My laser wrist attachment won’t light up. I followed all instructions and the program is running.

      1. Hi, could you send a short video of your setup to [email protected], so that our customer service can have a further check with your problem?

  7. I was intending to use the cold laser on my troubled gums, but, I read they can’t be used in wet areas? However, I’ve been informed via email it can be used as dental treatment.
    I’m confused, please let me know the procedure , I can’t find it anywhere.

    1. Hi, cold laser twins can be used for your dental problems and it is designed to help with local pain. And how to run a program, you can click the shell preset, and choose spooky2 cold laser in Preset tab, and then go to program tab. You can search the keyword “teeth”, and you will find many available programs, double click one, or some programs you think are suitable. And then you can go to control tab and run it.
      Any questions, you could send them to [email protected], our customer service will help you at any time.

  8. Hi, Can Cold Laser be used to treat vitiligo and if not, what is the best treatment option.

    Allan Dhanukdharriesingh
    1. Hi, for skin disease, l will recommend you ray gun. It is specifically designed for skin issues: https://www.miramate.com/product/ray-gun/

  9. I read that I can use the Spooky2 Cold Laser Twin on acupuncture meridian points. I would like to try this for my liver, as I have anger and myopia issues. Where do I put the lasers for treating liver stagnation?

    1. Xingjian acupoint is located on the dorsum of the foot, between the big toe and the second toe, and is a point for stimulating the liver meridian.

      1. Hi. How long do you use the laser for on the merridan points. I would also like to treat my liver.
        Also is there merridan points for menopause symptoms like night sweats or hot flushes. Thanks

        1. Hi, the optimal time to use cold laser on a fixed area for about 30 minutes:)

  10. I want to use spooky2 cold laser for hepatitis C but I have a pacemaker – will cold laser twin or wrist affect my pacemaker? Thank you!

    1. Hi, please do not worry:) Cold laser is safe for pacemaker. Contact, Plasma, PEMF is restricted: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/are-all-the-spooky-subsystems-safe-for-pacemakers-other-electric-implants-or-metal-replacements/

  11. Hi
    I want to use coldlaser at acupuncturepoints. For how long time do I need per point? Some differens in time in humans and in dogs?
    Thank You.

    1. Hi, the best time to use cold laser on one certain area is no more than 30 minutes. No particular difference between in humans and dogs:)

  12. I’m still a little unsure of exactly which conditions or ailments (or desired outcomes) that it is specifically necessary or just preferable to use the cold laser connection as opposed to contact or remote?

    1. Hi, Cold laser therapy can stimulate most cell types, including muscle, ligament, cartilage, nerves, and many more. Cold laser therapy is useful for:

      Bone regeneration
      Carpal tunnel syndrome
      Dental pain
      Dentin hypersensitivity
      Elbow disorders
      Herpes labialis
      Knee osteoarthritis
      Musculoskeletal dysfunction
      Myofascial pain syndrome
      Neurological dysfunctions
      Pain relief (e.g. acute and chronic low back pain/neck pain, orthodontic pain, shoulder pain)
      Patella-femoral pain syndrome
      Physical therapy (including rehabilitation following carpal tunnel release)
      Recurrent aphthous stomatitis/ulcers
      Rheumatoid arthritis
      Shoulder impingement syndrome
      Temporomandibular joint disorders
      Wound recovery(including diabetic ulcers and gingival recovery)
      But actually most Spooky2 customers use cold laser as a complementary treatment. They would run contact/remote at the same time with cold laser, and the most efficient runtime of cold laser is half an hour:)
      Any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected], they are willing to help you at any time.

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