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Q: What is the working theory of Spooky G-scope?
A: This is using the pin hole theory. There is a microscopic hole in the metal disk. It is cut with a special laser. When light pass through the hole, everything you can see is within focus. Anything between the hole and retina is reflected on the retina. This is a similar principle to pin hole cameras which were in common use early last century.

Q: Is it safe to look at the sun with G-Scope?
A: G-Scope has no light-focussing lenses. Instead, it has an aperture to project an image on the retina. The laser-cut hole size of our G-Scope is truly microscopic. The photon energy passing through this hole is miniscule, and dispersed over a large retina area. The resultant visual brightness when looking directly at the sun is less than a 5 watt lamp observed from one metre. It is entirely safe to look directly at the sun using G-Scope.

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Q: How can we tell whether our eye is good or not?
A: If the eye has a damaged retina you will see black spots which do not move. If you have any vision, you will see any cells floating if present.

Spooky G-scope

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