Plasma Tube

Q: Can you get me a power vs. distance vs. frequency curve for the plasma tube? Your claim is it is more powerful than the other units but only works to about 2 cm. I successfully used the GB4000 MOPA at about 2 meters.
A: I am not sure who gave you this information. Our unit works much further than 2cm! We could detect a strong signal 60m away through concrete walls. The tube has about 40 watts applied. All of this power is used to treat the pathogen, not provide a carrier that has no function apart from lighting the tube and causing frequency fatigue. Beyond a few cm the field of all plasma devices changes from near field to far field. The near field is more effective. This is why we recommend having the tube close or even touching.

Q: What is the frequency range of Spooky Plasma?
A: The plasma tubes generally ionize at 80 kHz but we allow a margin for tube manufacturing variables and different operating ambient temperatures. Spooky Plasma will actually work down to 0Hz but the tube ionization is so brief that it cannot be detected. The maximum frequency is about 3.6 MHz, but again this depends on many factors like the length, spacing and orientation of the white wires feeding the tube, tube type and more. Adding a high speed gate (about 20 Hz) increases the operation range. We have run a Spooky Plasma at 8 MHz using a short wire and 20 Hz gating.

Q: What makes you say the near field is more effective?
A: That is the field type used by doctors when they used the original Rife machines. They found that beyond several feet the results were not so good. The signals can still be detected but the field starts turning into far field. Plasma produces two related fields. The one that does the really heavy lifting is the near-field, and this extends six inches from the tube in all directions. After six inches, it becomes far-field, which isn't as effective as near-field, although it still works efficiently enough to disinfect and clear mold from a home. So it still works on the body, just not to the same extent and power as near-field.

Q: Is the plasma tube powerful enough to treat all the body or just parts?
A: The plasma tube is powerful enough to treat the whole body, though to gain the most benefit from the frequencies we suggest you treat portions of your body at a time, or sweep the tube across your body.

Q: Does plasma work through clothes?
A: Yes. My Spooky Phanotron and Straight tube both work through clothes. They work through blankets, and through cardboard boxes. They also work across the room, and through the desk (plastic and wood). As well as through the couch.

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Q: Does anyone know if the blinking rate of the Phanatron Tube should change as the frequency changes? I notice blinking rate changes on the remote but not on the Phanatron Tube.
A: The blinking rate you perceive is due to the gating applied to the SC preset.
As long as the gating is not changed when you use different frequencies, the blinking rate won't change. That is the normal behaviour.

On the other side, when you use remote mode without gating applied, what you see is the actual freqs being delivered, and thus, the blinking rate could be observed to change as the freqs vary.

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Q: Is the plasma tube UV shielded? I'm treating important pathologies in the area of the eyes, and need to know that no harmful UV radiation is coming out of there.
A: Quartz glass is transparent to ultraviolet light, and emits large amounts of ozone and UV light as a result. Our plasma tubes do not contain poisonous Mercury and therefore emit very little ultraviolet light.

Q: Is it possible to attach other plasma tubes from other companies?
A: Plasma tubes from other companies should work with Spooky Plasma provided they have internal electrodes and the ionizing voltage is not too high. The TrueRife machines are simple car coil devices that operate at extremely high voltages. It is possible these tubes will not work with Spooky Plasma.

Q: It is my understanding from your prior reports, that this plasma tube has the ability to simultaneously emit dozens of frequencies at the same time, rather than sequential frequency emission, one by one, as is the current limitation when just using the hand bars, or the foot plates, etc.
A: Spooky Plasma can run a plasma tube with the Spectrum waveform. This waveform can contain many equidistant frequencies that are simultaneously broadcast. Further details of Spectrum are in the Spooky User's Guide.


Q: How does one apply the BXBY frequency set of 7829.37.42 using Plasma mode? Do we still use the Spooky Plasma preset? The original BXBY settings used the BXBY waveform.
A: The BXBY waveform did not meet expectations and has been discontinued. Please use the JW - Spooky Plasma Cancer presets instead.

Q: Is Spooky Plasma good for a specific cancer which is not in the database?
A: We suggest using the generic presets for Cancer since they do not take long, the frequencies are already loaded, and target most cancers.

Q: Can the Spooky Plasma tube version do multiple simultaneous frequencies?
A: Spooky2 does have a way with Spooky Plasma to run multiple frequencies at once. This is in the context of a Spectrum Sweep. You specify a range of frequencies you want the sweep to run, and the number of simultaneous frequencies you want to be sweeping that range. You can specify 100 frequencies, or even more, but what happens is the power of the plasma is divided by each of the frequencies you choose to simultaneously use. So if you choose 100 frequencies, each one will be 1/100th the strength of a sweep with just 1 frequency at a time.

What Spooky Plasma cannot do is to run 8 specific frequencies simultaneously with 1 XM generator. You can run 2 frequencies—one out of Out1 and one out of Out2. Like with the Spectrum sweep, the power is divided by the number of simultaneous frequencies, in this case Multiple frequency hits like other Rife machines claim aren't delivering the power in a focused manner.

Q: Can we use the Spooky Plasma for healing/detox frequencies as long as the Low Frequency preset is selected?
A: Yes, you can. Spooky Plasma turns the low frequency into a beat frequency mixing 2 higher frequencies. And the high frequency component ensures total signal penetration because it acts as a dynamic carrier.

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Q: I know about the remote way to kill mold in your home, I wonder if it would be possible to use plasma to penetrate walls and wooden structure. And if that is the case, how far would the plasma reach from the source?
A: 1. The answer is "Yes, the Plasma reaches into and through walls."
The distance depends on how much energy is absorbed by the wall material. Some users have reported far-field Plasma energy at about 200 feet away from the bulb.

2.Be very careful with mold killing! I did the environmental mold preset and it worked TOO well. Releasing toxins into the air and making me way sicker than I was. If you have the HLA genes that make you susceptible to mold illness.

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Q: If anyone had experience treating their brain overnight using spooky Plasma? Is it ok to use Phanotron tube on your head all night?
A: 1. Someone posted this device holding the Phanotron.

Plasma Q&A-1

2. Cardboard soda holders that I cut out holes for the tube. I spread it apart or if the light is bothering me while I sleep, I bring close to deflect the flashing light. Any cardboard holder would be good. Just put at head of bed.

Plasma Q&A-2

I have seen plasma draped overhead board and attached to a chair that was right beside the bed. Just needs to be within 6".

Near field is 6" which gives the most effective signal. After 6" it is gradually less effective up to 200 feet.

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Q: Is it safe to look at the plasma? (UV wise) What about infrared radiation? Do you have actual measurements for the radiation that does make it passed the glass?
A:Our Phanotron uses borosilicate glass. This type of glass is very strong, and has the inherent ability to filter most ultraviolet light. Infrared light is not filtered, but this does not matter. It is not dangerous.

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Q: What is the max time I can use the plasma continuously?
A: There is no maximum time. It can be used overnight, though we suggest shorter day treatments. This allows you to monitor your own health condition whilst using Spooky Plasma.

Q: Where is the best place to set up Spooky Plasma? Can I set it up in an open area like our living room which flows to kitchen and dining room? I told my husband to set it up in our bedroom. I hope the metal lampshades will not affect it or vice versa. Can sparks jump to the metal?
A: Spooky Plasma can be safely used in almost every room, except rooms that are damp such as the bathroom or laundry. Sparks will not jump from nearby metal objects. The bedroom is an ideal place to position Spooky Plasma since overnight treatments will then be possible.

Q: If running a Spectrum sweep will there be limitations on the maximum WCM values that will be used with the plasma portion of Spooky Plasma? I'm wondering how well the amplifier will be able to amplify the many simultaneous frequencies that are produced by the spectrum sweeps in order to ensure EACH frequency has enough amplitude to be effective via the plasma.
A: We have run many spectrum sweeps in Spooky Plasma. We found that the amplitude of each spectrum frequency is high. Most digital spectrum analyzers do not pick up the frequencies since they use a bin sampling method but the waveform wavelengths conform exactly to the set parameters of the Spectrum. Having said all this, we have noticed (for our tests anyway) that a low wave cycle multiplier seems most beneficial for rapid results to be seen. The BXBY waveform, which is actually a custom Spectrum with a wave cycle multiplier of 2 has particularly strong signal at both frequencies since the WCM is 2. Most plasma Rife machines waste power at the carrier frequency. Only 2% of the total power to the plasma tube hits the target when using their recommended settings for cancer. Though our unit is only 40 watts, it does apply a true 40 watts at the target frequency.

We have tried not to compare our unit to any other commercial device, but many people seem to think more watts is better. Much as you asked the effective distance of our tube. Royal Rife and subsequent doctors touched his patients with his phanotron tube whilst treating them. His machine sent around 45 watts to the tube. We have modeled our machine around his.


Q: Why does my generator stop responding when I use it with Spooky Plasma? I am using a USB filter cable.
A: High power & high frequency signals are emitted from Spooky Plasma. These are affecting your generator. The USB filter cable and high quality Spooky Plasma BNC cables prevent most of the frequencies from entering the generator. However, the generator's body is made from metal, and this is picking up frequencies from the white high voltage cable and the tube. Please have the white high voltage wires and plasma tube as far from your generator as possible.

Q: Why does my Spooky Plasma no longer light the tube?
A: There can be many reasons. The most simple solution is to ensure the white cables is kept apart and there are no loops in the cable. Software settings can also cause problems. We suggest using the Spooky Plasma presets to guarantee best results.

Q: The tube does not light, how do I check whether it is the tube or machine problem?
A: Search for "1604000" in the database. Run this frequency using the JW - Spooky Plasma preset but set Out 2 = Out 1 x 0 + 2000 Hz. Tune an AM radio to 1604000 Hz and hold it near the high voltage wires of the tube. You should hear a strong tone from the radio.

Q: The modulation light does not go on sometimes or it stops while a freq is being broadcast. Once the light goes out the plasma tube stops flashing but stays lit. I am setting up the gen and switching on before loading the software. When I go to stop the program the gen does not stop till I unload the program and load it again. Then it switches off. Please advise thanks. All wiring is correct.
A: Electrical noise may be causing the problem. Make sure the white high voltage wires and plasma tube are as far from the generator as possible. Use the special USB and BNC filter cables provided with your Spooky Plasma. If you do not have the BNC filter cables these can be obtained from