Q: It says in the ad that it does not use lead inside like other commercial ones and is safer. Does this apply to the existing spooky plasma tube?

A: Yes, both tubes from Spooky2 are lead-free.

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Q: Is any mercury added to the tube?

A: Both phanotron tube and long straight tube do not use mercury inside.

Q: Is this Spooky Phanotron tube UV protected?

A: If the tube contains mercury, it will produce a lot of UV, but ours only produce very small amount of UV. A lot of suppliers choose to add mercury on purpose because it will make the tube light up very strongly. This applies for the Central Spooky tube as well.

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Q: What is the UV rating on the tubes?

A: For spooky plasma tube, they are UV protected .

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Q: My phanotron plasma was purple and it becomes pink. Is it the regular color?

A: Yes. It is the regular color. Both pink and purple are in the phanotron tube.

Q: Can I use 6M plasma tube cables at each end?

A: No, it didn’t work well after testing. Since there is a lot of power loss on the cables.


Q: What is the frequency Range of Plasma Bulbs?

A: The minimum specifications for the Plasma Tube wired to an SC are as follows:

High voltage output (RMS): 543v
High voltage (peak): 9315v
Plasma tube power (max): 40W
Frequency range: 100 kHz – 3.5 MHz*
*Minimum specification. Dependent on cable length, layout, and tube type.

The above is with a direct frequency to the input, not relying on modulation.

With that said, I can get my tube to light from 29.5 kHz all the way up to 3.8 MHz. Past 3.8 MHz, the tube will still light, but not as strong -- all the way to 5 MHz. Another who tested his tube found it lit from about 30 kHz and stayed lit till 4.2 MHz.

The frequency response changes when I add modulation to the input frequency.

It is theoretically possible to generate past 3.5 MHz with the correct modulation of a high frequency input.

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Q: The straight plasma tube could transmit frequencies up to 3.5 Mhz. What range will the phanotron tube having spherical shape allow?

A: The phanotron tube can run up to 8 MHz, but the cable length limits the frequency. With the default 2m cable the frequency is lower, only a little bit higher than the previous straight tube, depending on how it is laid out. But the signals are stronger.

Smaller length of phanotron tube makes it easier to travel with since it is shorter in length than the straight long Spooky plasma tube.

Q: Do we need to Convert DNA frequencies for Plasma. Since Char Boehm's DNA frequencies are in the low range and Plasma works effectively on high frequencies, would it not be preferable to convert the original DNA frequencies to the higher octaves using the frequency octave calculator provided and then use the 'Spooky Central' preset (for the new higher frequencies) instead of the 'Spooky Central low frequencies' preset?

A: The Spooky Central Preset currently uses Decade harmonics to raise low frequencies to higher ones. Experiments have shown this to be very effective, since 2 factors of 10 (2 and 5) are both Fibonacci harmonics. The Preset for all of Char's frequencies uses Octaves to raise the frequencies closer to the fundamental. No Frequency Octave Calculator is necessary since Spooky does this on the fly.



Q: Can the Spooky plasma bring more ions in the Human Body?

A: Not ions. Electrons. Maybe ions too, since this is a high voltage device, but really not much.

Q: How deep will the Phanotron penetrate?

A: Royal Rife did a tested on horse and found that the phanotron tube can penetrate deep into skin 12 inches. Spooky phanotron tube is an exact copy of Royal Rife’s tube.

Q: What would give better effect: plasma with far field OR a contact treatment from the generator? Can I do both at the same time-plasma on and contact pads from the generator with another frequency set?

A: Yes you can do both. Here is a good thing to keep in mind when choosing the different methods: Use high frequencies with Contact because you can't use sub-harmonics reliably since the waveform in contact mode is distorted and does not contain all the higher frequencies. This is one of the reasons why plasma is good because the waveform is not distorted by the capacitance of the body. If wanting to run sub-harmonics reliably, then the TENS Pads are really good for that. I noticed that you mentioned you feel no change at all so if you could Post some of the programs you are running with some screenshots then we could help you more, because it would be more specific than just not feeling better.

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Q: Can you have some distance between you and Spooky Phanotron tube?

A: We could detect a strong signal 60m away through concrete walls. The tube has about 40 watts applied. All of this power is used to treat the pathogen, not provide a carrier that has no function apart from lighting the tube and causing frequency fatigue. Beyond a few cm the field of all plasma devices changes from near field to far field. The near field is more effective. This is why we recommend having the tube close or even touching.

Smaller length of phanotron tube makes it easier to travel with since it is shorter in length than the straight long Spooky plasma tube.

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Q: So the plasma near-field transmits within a 6-inch radius of the plasma tube. Does it penetrate blankets and clothing? Does it matter what part of the body it's closest to?

A: Yes, the near field is 6 inches or less. It penetrates through just about everything. It is best to place the tube closest to the area you are targeting to maximize exposure.

The far field is good to many feet. I'm usually unable to sit with the plasma for near field application, and so I just resort to far field exposure -- usually about 5 feet from the tube.

I can pickup the energy of the tube all throughout the house using a special meter I have. Of course the further away from the tube you are, the less effect it will have.

However, if you are unable to use the near field, if you are within 1.5 to 3 meters (5-10 feet) of the tube, you will still get an effective treatment.

I have some experiments that show that the field has had effect all the way out to 30 yards (90 feet), and it most likely can penetrate out to 200 feet.

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Q: We are looking into purchasing a Spooky Central with the new round plasma tube (Phanotron tube). Is it possible to use this tube at night while sleeping?

A: Yes, you can use the phanotron tube while sleeping.

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Q: Can Phanotron tube be run at an extended amount of time with no gate applied? For say an hour or two? How about for 8 hours overnight with something like the Cancer program?

A: I have ran overnight sweeps with no gate on the phanotron a few times. Turns out that the phanotron can lock up my setup much easier than the plasma tube, and disabling the gate allows me to prevent this.

Temperatures were monitored to ensure heat was not going to be a concern, but I also did not have heat issues with how I have the plasma tube setup. I always keep a fan going near my equipment to ensure that nothing overheats as the internal temperatures during the summer where I live can easily hit 85 F / 30 C. However, the use of the gate actually intensifies the output and can be beneficial. I can pickup much greater signal output further away when the gate is enabled.

Since gating is enforced with the SC settings, you may find it difficult to turn the gate off. Also, I do not know the official stance on using the equipment without a gate -- specifically if one finds themselves with an issue because it was not in use.

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Q: I run my new Phanotrom tube almost all day and night for lyme coinfection fungus morgellons and more. Is it ok to run tube so much or must take break I always run detox with that.

A: I would definitely take a break every few days to clear die off you don't want to overload your kidney and liver and make yourself sick Rife only ran cancer killing treatments every third day so easy does it my friend.

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Q: Is it possible to do a mold sweep on plasma? For a person, not the room?

A: If the person is in the room, then both will get swept.
If the person is not within range of the plasma, then only the room will be swept.
The energies emitted by the plasma are not discriminate.

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Q: I've considered running the plasma tube while I'm sleeping for long sweeps or to continuously rerun a frequency set. Please let me know if you've come up with a strategy for keeping yourself in the six inch near-field all night without damaging your unit or burning the house down.

A: Note any metal in the vicinity of the tube will affect the fields so it should be avoided. The best bed to put a tube underneath is a wooden one with a foam mattress so there is no metal. Sprung beds and sprung mattresses usually have iron springs that will affect the fields let alone steel framed beds. You could hang the tube a couple of feet above your bed from the ceiling with string since it isn't heavy.

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Q: My wife has some bone mets on her head and I am wondering if Phanotron tube is safe for head? They are near the crown of her skull.

A: Yes, that will be safe for your wife to use.

Q: Has anyone put the phanotron tube next to their head in order to treat pathogens that cause neuro-degenerative issues? Is there any safety issue? Or time limit of treatment?

A: I have placed my face directly in front of the directional output of the Phanotron and could really feel the energy. I have not yet had it there for an entire session as it was quite potent and registered strongly.

Unless you have biological implants to consider, I do not know of any safety issues with such placement.

Matter of fact, still awaiting more data, but I used the Phanotron's directional output from about 1 foot away from someone's foot, aimed up the leg, using the Sciatica (KHZ) and Sciatica 1 (CAFL) frequency sets for one SC session and then followed by 2 days rest.

On the 3rd day they performed an activity that normally results in pain. To their amazement, there was no pain.

I wish I could compare against same said application with the plasma tube, but atlas it would be hard to replicate the same starting conditions.

Just random food for thought as I comment on this thread.

Anyhow, I'd stick to one SC/Phanotron session every 3 days to start and evaluate progress. Remember to orient the Phanotron's directional output correctly, and if you feel a bit dizzy from the energy output, increase the distance between the head and the plasma.

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Q: Is it ok to put the Plasma tube on your face (mouth) to try to rid cold sores?

A: Yes, you can lay your plasma tube over the vicinity of the head. Some have even used the plasma over their closed eyes to target the eyes better -- the eyes being hard to target via contact methods as it is well insulated against electrical currents.

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Q: If it's good idea to have the plasma on my neck all that time. If it's possible, can you tell me if this a good idea to use at the same time in the other side of the neck the ultrasonic device?

A: Yes, you can run plasma on the neck. Ultrasonic and PEFM on the neck is also fine.
But Tens pads are not recommended.

If the frequencies from the TENS pads cause interaction of your neck muscles to spasm and close off the carotid artery, you are in big trouble.

TENS pads should always be placed below the neck.
To target the neck safely with TENS pads, place them on the shoulders.

Please check the link below for more answers and thoughts:

Q: Where to place my Plasma tube for prostate cancer when seated in a lounger?

A: Being seated in a lounge chair with the tube across the lap at the hip joints would put the prostate within the "near" field of the tube and believe that is the desired position for treatment.

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Q: My mum’s plasma tube seems to be stopping now and then. So we are running the cancer protocol and during the treatment the plasma tube suddenly stopped also as an odd tapping noise coming from the Spooky central. Has anyone got any suggestions?

A: Our friend had the same thing happen and the plasma tube would stop working and a popping sound started, we finally found the sound, she had placed a radio with speakers very near the spooky central and was creating the problem. once the radio and speakers were moved, it has been working fine. Just wanted to make sure that this wasn't the reason you are having problems!

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Q: After running JW - SC (with carrier) for about two hours went to close it down and after everything was shut down, the tube was still lit and the Input and Modulation lights were still on. Spooky Central does not switch it off. Any idea's anyone please?

A: Most of the time my SC does not interfere with my setup or my other equipment. However, there has been a few days where no matter what I do, it causes everything to lockup somewhere between 30 seconds to 2 hours after starting -- especially with the overnight sweeps. Sometimes all it takes is a reset and another try, other times I find that I'm just not going to get any SC time in. I have not isolated the variable that causes this to happen, especially since it has only happened 3 times so far. On the worst of these 3 days, I reset my system some 15 times before I gave up. Resetting 9 generators is no fun.

I found on one of these days, that I was able to operate the SC if I left the other 8 generators offline. On the worst day, it didn't matter. I tried relocating the tube to no avail.

In hindsight, I believe there may have been some residual energy in one of the wires, even though I did a full power down and drain a few times -- perhaps I didn't do it long enough.

I have also knocked out my wireless audio system once, which has speakers in various locations of the house. The closet one which was affected and taken offline is about 20 feet away.

I found the gate made the difference. Prior to using a gate, I had no issues. With the gate, it seems to be much more potent. I can pickup the pulses of the gate all over my house with a Trifield Natural EM Meter.

With that said, I have no way to determine by your description if you have isolated and separated your equipment enough to prevent interference issues completely. The interference could be leaking in to your PC via a wired mouse for instance.

It may also depend on the frequency being transmitted. With the MOPA system I can turn on some touch lamps when using 2.9 Mhz for example. Other frequencies can turn off the TV.
Not sure how useful that is; but interesting effect. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I don't have neighbours too close!

If you have abundant supplies of kitchen tin foil, you could try wrapping some of the wires with a couple of layers; usb etc, and/or make a box over XM generator.

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