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Spooky2 Pulse Instruction 4

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The right frequencies can work miracles. The problem is that too many people are using the wrong frequencies. Well, not anymore. Now here is Spooky2 Pulse, which could run biofeedback scan and help you find the right frequencies you need.

To help you get better understanding of Spooky2 Pulse, we present you this instruction.

There are 7 parts in this instruction:

  1. Why do you need Spooky2 Pulse
  2. How biofeedback works
  3. Notes for Spooky2 Pulse scan
  4. How to run a personal scan
  5. How to run a grade scan
  6. How to run an optimize scan
  7. How to use Spooky2 pulse for muscle testing

These 7 parts contain almost all things you need to know about Spooky2 Pulse! What’s more, we also prepared a video to help you set up your pulse scan step by step, see it here:

Have you ever used Spooky2 Pulse scan? How do you feel after running the scan results? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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  1. I always run a pulse scan. When? I found that my back and underarm itches in the extreme right after I put the pulse scan into use. Over time, about two to three weeks, the itch resides to just a little in the morning and then nothing for the rest of the day. I have found that each new scan results in the same response. Some scan results produce itching in different places. I search for the reverse lookup and find that different groups of frequencies account for this. Once the itch subsides, I do another scan. I have improved in my overall health and feeling of wellness using the itch indicator for how my nauty bugs are enjoying their frequency treatment and are actually crying as they die. To help things along, I run a general detox 24/7. Thank you Spooky2!

    Frank Mungiovi
    1. Glad to hear what you say! Thank you for your support.

  2. Hi Frank, recently I did pulse scan BFB and I have new itching as the only result. Clearly the scan process elicited such a response from a Subject (myself already prone to itching). So this seems both good and bad as there is confirmation that frequencies are doing (probably) their work…and bad because doing reverse lookup I’ve been unable to sort out the real problems to look at due to enormous number of the latter (after grading I’ve been left with 20 frequencies, each freq reported from 20 to 150 problems, many problems clearly unbeliveable indeed)! So I choose simply to run the result for several time: how many time? I chose to do it for 3 times at least and then run BFB again (I’m now to start it again) hoping that new scan converging toward real problems only.

  3. Can I run spooky pulse with HRV using Generator X instead of using current or angle?

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