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Spooky Remote is designed based on the theory of Quantum Entanglement, which is also known as Spooky Action at a Distance.

To understand more about quantum entanglement, please check this video:

Here are some scientific proofs of remote healing

We are now having most consumed Spooky Remote v1.1 BN & Spooky Remote v1.1 MN, both are upgraded from Spooky Remote v1.0, which is less powerful and less consumed now.

Both remotes v1.1 can heal. Both remotes v1.1 can kill.

The black (MN) remote has been shown to kill slightly faster, but has the potential for side effects when using for an extended period of time (longer than 4-5 days).

The white (BN) remote has been shown to heal slightly faster, and is more suitable for extended periods of use.


Spooky Remote BN with Spooky Boost v3.0

Spooky Remote BN connects directly to the BN output connector of Spooky Boost v3.0.

Spooky Remote MN with Spooky Boost v3.0

Spooky Remote MN connects directly to the MN output connector of Spooky Boost v3.0.

Spooky Remote with Spooky Boost v1.0

You may attach Spooky Boost v1.0 to Spooky Boost v3.0 using the 2 top OUT1 and OUT2 connectors.

Spooky Remote BN – Blue to OUT1.Red to OUT2.
Spooky Remote MN – Red to OUT1. Blue to OUT2.

Note: You can also run 2 boosted remotes simultaneously, but this is strongly not recommended. The performance will be reduced for each remote. Do not run Spooky Remote BN and Spooky Remote MN from the same generator.

After connecting with the generator or Spooky Boost, you also need to put your DNA into Spooky Remote.

To understand more about how to do this, please check the blog here:

Next is to run Spooky Remote from Spooky2 software, here are some Remote Presets, you can choose the suitable one according to your need:

Healing (Remote) – JW
Killing (Remote) – JW
cpsResearch LLC DNA Frequencies (Remote) – JW
Kill or Heal (Remote) – DH
Remote Healing – MM
Substance Remote – MM

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Please check the Q&A of Remote Mode from here:


This video explains how to connect remotes. You can connect the remotes to the generator out1 directly. For boosted power, please connect the remote BN to the BN port on the Boost3.0, and remote MN to the MN port on the boost3.0. For more details, please check the video.

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