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Working Theory

Q: How does Spooky remote actually work? It all sounds unbelievable.

A: Spooky uses the principles of quantum physics and the antenna properties of DNA to transmit through what physicists call nonlocal space. You don’t have to be in the same room as the machine, or even in the same country. Please visit our FB page or our forum for a more thorough explanation.

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Working Theory of Spooky Remote



Q: Does Spooky Remote work at the same efficiency no matter how far away the person is to the generator?

A: Yes. Distance is irrelevant. We live in Texas, USA and was able to treat someone in the Philippines. There should be no problem treating your grandfather in Ontario.

Distance of electromagnetic waves (radio) traveling is limited to the power of the transmitter. Scalar waves, used in Spooky remote, have no limit as far as we know, or at least they cover the whole Earth.

For more details, please check the link:

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Q: Why do you get more Spooky Remotes (Bio North) in every kit?

A: Because BN remote is the one we suggest you use in long duration. MN is only for short time using, should be less than 4-5days every time. So you will need one BN remote for each generator, but only one MN remote for all set in case you need quick killing treatment.

Q: How to change BN to MN?

This is the instruction to tell you how to change BN to MN:



Q: Can you use hair in Spooky Remote?

A: Not when the hair does not have bulb. Fingernails are best because the DNA will not decay over time, but hair with bulb or any other DNA sample such as saliva on paper may be used.

Please check this blog for more details:

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Q: Can urine be used as DNA sample?

A: Urine itself does not contain DNA, but it may contain epithelial cells, which do contain DNA. Most healthy individuals, however, do not excrete epithelial cells in their urine.

Q: Does the amount of nail clippings that you put in the remote matter, the more the better? Or is one nail enough?

A: No. A tiny portion of one clipping is sufficient.

Q: When using nail clippings, can the nail have nail polish on it? If not, can you use a piece that the polish has been cleaned off of or does it need to be a piece that has never had polish or it?

A: It is the DNA in the nail that decides where the energy goes. A nail with nail polish should do fine. I put nails in plastic zip lock bags and put labels on the outside, and it works great. There are probably some that will disagree with me, but I would not worry about it.

For more details, please check the link:

Q: I’m using spooky2 remote. To do this I put a little piece of finger nail in a cigarette paper sheet and I introduce it in the spooky remote. Is it possible to use foot nail?

A: You can use a toenail if you wish. We recommend fingernails because they’re not as thick, so they’re more flexible. You may have to cut the toenail into segments and just use one segment in the Remote. This is fine.

Q: How to get nail DNA from animals for Spooky2 remote treatment?

A: The following videos will show you exactly how to do this on a cat, dog, horse and bird.

How to trim your cat’s claw:

How to clip dog’s nail:

How to Trim a Horse Hoof:

How to Clip a Bird’s Nails:

For more details, please check the link:

Q: Does DNA degrade over time? Should I use fresh nails?

A: Here it tells you in details how often you should change your DNA from different sources:

Q: Do you have a way to put your DNA on the right center of the magnet field?

A: The Flower of Life is printed on the label to help position the nail sample. I partially lift the top part off the paper, leave the nail in the middle of the flower and put the label back on the paper. When inserting into the remote, the nail will align in the middle of the coils. You can directly print the following picture.

Please check the blog:

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For more detail, please check the link:

Q: Does the thickness matter? Masking tape is thicker than cigarette paper. Is thinner material better? Maybe the frequencies will penetrate the DNA sample more effectively if thinner.

A: It does not matter how thick the tape is. Frequencies will easily penetrate thick tape.

Q: Can fingernails from different people be mixed together?

A: The fingernails can be together, but we recommend keeping them separate. Subsequent treatments may be for individuals, not the group.

Q: If DNA is left in a Remote with a magnet, but without running frequencies, will the magnet still influence that person’s body through the DNA?

A: This is open for debate, as only changing magnetic fields seem to have biological effect. The magnetic gradient across a DNA sample is negligible. Fixed fields do have an effect, but this is not as great.

Q: Does anything happen if you have the machine turned on but no nail clippings on the remote?

A: No. The DNA sample must be inside Spooky2 Remote for any results.

Q: Do I scan the DNA somehow to find target frequencies or does it just sit inside there and magically do something whenever the Remote is running?

A: There is no need to scan your DNA, and yes, it just sits in that slot. As explained above it only acts as antenna, the magic is done by the scalar wave created by two opposing polarities of the coils in the remote.

To get a better picture of how the magic of spooky2 remote operates, please read this document: http://www.spooky2.com/transmission/remoteMode/index.html

For more details, please check the link:

Q: I’m looking for instructions for the spectrum sweep for house insects. Do I need DNA or do I just run the sweep from my generators in remote?

A: You will find the information in the “Preset”>”Environment” and in Name>”5M Household Insects” (there are also other choices). BTW, found this in the User’s Guide, Aug. 2016. You may use “Edit”>”Find” to search in the Guide.

Whenever remote is used, a specimen/DNA is required to be inserted in its slot. In this case, you may use a small insect wrapped in paper tape. Please note, use white BN remote. Black remote after some time may increase the number of insects, etc. You may need to run this for more than two weeks. Please check if the critters are still around to determine duration.

For more details, please check the link:



Q: How many Spooky Remotes can I hook up to one generator? Can I connect two at the same time?

A: Depending on the use it is the obvious two outputs that can be used, which would allow for two remotes directly. Some uses need both channels via a Spooky2 boost cable, so then you are stuck with one remote only per generator.

If you use BNC splitters you might be able to attach more, but the power will be split up and by that making the Spooky2 remote units rather inefficient.

So, the only way to really add more remotes would be to use an amplifier, which for the audio frequency could even be a simple audio amplifier if you get yourself some BNC adapters ready. Careful though, the Spooky2 remote units surely are not able to handle uberly much power, so you better know what you are doing when using an amplifier or drop the remote units and use powerful self-made scalar antennas (into which you can apply DNA pieces too) like I do.

For more details, please check the link:

Q: I mistakenly put the white remote in the place where the black remote should be. Can I use a white spooky2 remote v1.1 on MN output?

A: The short answer is no.

The wiring of the MN port is 100% the opposite of the BN port. Meaning that when a waveform goes positive, the result on the MN port is that it too will go positive. On the BN port, the signal will swing negative.

This is to align the polarity to the field bias of the remote. The black (MN) remote has a positive field bias, while the white (BN) remote has a negative field bias.

Another way to represent this is that when we want to increase the amplitude of a waveform for the white (BN) remote, we want to increase its already negative field bias by making it even more negative.

The long answer is, you surely can still plug the white (BN) remote into the MN port. However, results will not be what you may wish for given the unmatched signal to field bias setup this would entail.

The MN, BN, and CS are ports that combine the outputs of Out 1 and Out 2. You do not need to wire to both to gain the benefits of mixing the signals of both outputs.

If you did not have a boost, then you could wire a white (BN) remote to both Out 1 and Out 2. You would want to check the invert waveform box as well to match the operation of the white (BN) remote to how it behaves when on the boost.

For more details, please check the link:

Q: Can I leave a remote plugged in (not in use) whilst using contact mode plugged into high power v3.0 input. So I can choose to use one or the other, whilst having both set up?

A: This is NOT recommended. While you can disconnect the contacts from the body, you can NOT stop the remote from using energy. If you leave it attached to the generator, it will take energy from the contact session – and may still contain bits of DNA so it continues to treat you (or whoever) – only with contact parameters rather than remote.

For more details, please check:


Software Setting

Q: How do I set the machine to run remotely and non stop?

A: Connect a remote to the generator for remote operations, and to run non-stop use Repeat Sequence = 0.

For more details, please check:

Q: Is it possible to use harmonics for remote treatments?

A: Yes, harmonics are already incorporated in your treatment if you are using any waveform other than the sine wave.

So the question then becomes what do you wish to accomplish?

Square waves generate odd harmonics when used with a duty cycle of 50%, and as you raise the duty cycle to say 93%, you then generate both even and odd harmonics.

The sawtooth and inverted sawtooth generate both even and odd by design.

If you wish to incorporate a specific and dynamic harmonic, you can use the Add F1 to F2 feature.

For more details, please check:



Q: My Spooky Remote makes a very high pitched noise. Is this normal?

A: The high-pitched sound is perfectly normal.

If you are using a Spooky Remote v1.1, and when it runs at high frequency, it will have the noise.

If it is Spooky Remote v1.0, no matter what frequency it runs at, there is no high-pitched noise.

Q: How can I reduce the noise/sound/buzz from the Spooky2 Remotes?

A: Method 1:

Take a roll of paper towels, remove 1 sheet then lower your remote half way into the roll of paper towels then use the one sheet to fill the top hole and to keep the remote centered. I suppose you could lay the paper towels on it’s side then plug both ends with a sheet.

Method 2:

Method 3:

LED Light

Q: I can’t figure out these Spooky2 Remote LEDs. Sometimes they both look equally bright, and other times they blink very slowly, first one side and then the other. Or they are both off. What’s going on?

A: The Spooky Remote LEDs’ state is governed by two things – the wave’s shape, and the speed of the frequency. What you’re seeing is how the frequencies control the LEDs.

The first thing to understand is that the twin LEDs are never actually both lit at the same time, despite what your eyes tell you. Every waveform has a positive and a negative phase, and each phase lights one LED. Since a wave can never be positive and negative at the same time, the LEDs can never both be lit at the same time.

Frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz), which used to be called “Cycles Per Second” (CPS). A 1Hz frequency will cycle the waveform from positive to negative and back once every second.

With a low slow frequency like 0.5Hz, the wave’s polarity flips from positive to negative once every two seconds, so the LEDs will light alternately and slowly. With a frequency of 60,000Hz, the polarity flip happens 60,000 times every second, far too fast for your eyes to register. So both LEDs now appear to be equally bright.

With a very high frequency like 7MHz, the state is flipping seven million times a second. And this is simply too fast to allow either LED to even respond to the “LED on” command before the next “LED off” command is received. So the LEDs appear to be unlit.

But they’ll return to normal with the next mid-range frequency.

Please check the blog and understand:

How Does Spooky2 Remote Light

Q: My Spooky2 Remote was working fine with +100 and -100 offset, but now it will only let me turn on the positive or the negative, not both simultaneously. I’ve already restarted both the application and the computer.

A: Your settings may be incorrect. Go to File / Restore Original Defaults. Then change the offset to your required settings.


Q: Can Spooky treat a pregnant woman? Are there any contraindications for using the Spooky2 Remote for a Pregnant woman? Are there opinions about doing remote treatments during pregnancy?

A: Contact mode must be avoided for pregnant women.

Spooky Remote is possibly the safest means of applying healing frequencies to the body, however, it is generally considered best not to rife while pregnant, remote or otherwise. The baby is carrying a portion of the mother’s DNA, it is possible the baby will be affected.

So it is not recommended for the pregnant woman to use remote treatment.

Q: If I use Remote Mode with my husband DNA, would that affect our kids as well, as they have some dad’s DNA.

A: There are two things to consider here.

One, will the remote treatment have any effect on the kids (which is a theorized possibility given shared DNA) as a whole. My personal experience is that my daughter and Mom did not have any effect from treatments to myself. I had to add them to the remotes to start seeing any effects.

While everyone is different, I have read accounts of those who did observe effects on family members.

So then, the second aspect that has to be looked at is, what does the frequency resonate with. A frequency that does not have a resonance will not have an effect.

Meaning, if you are targeting a pathogen on your husband, and the children do not have this pathogen, then there will be no effect.

If they have the pathogen too, then this could be a good thing if they are affected as you probably do not want them to be with the pathogen that is afflicting your husband.

This is also of course highly dependent on whether you are running a frequency that actually resonates with the pathogen.

The only time I would be concerned and monitor your kids even closer, is if you are running frequencies that will resonate with the body. Detox sets, organ normalize, etc… are the kinds I’m referring to here. The above won’t cause issue or harm even if they do have an effect, and like I said I could not elicit a response from my family by running these on myself alone.

A good example of the type you want to be careful with would be the type like the diabetes 2 set. Since this set affects the body’s blood sugar levels, there could be an effect on the children.

I hope this gives you the information you need to make a decision.

From my personal experience, your kids will be ok as you treat your husband. Just keep an eye out for any changes and keep a log. This will allow you to evaluate whether the treatment to your husband may be a factor.

For more details, please check:

Q: What’s the youngest age you could use the remote setting on?

A: If concerned with a baby or toddler receiving 50% power from 50% DNA then perhaps wait. When you decide he/she is old enough, first do healing frequencies on remote like vitamins minerals joy, the preset Kundalini which gently adjusts the spine, and other frequencies that would bring the body into a positive state. I suggest not do any Remote Treatments where a child was involved below the age of 7 years. If you need, please use healing frequencies.

For more details, please check:


Q: When detox programs are running do they get healing or killing remote?

A: Detox is a healing function – even though something may get killed. The main function is to clean otherwise healthy cells that you want to keep, so Yes, the proper remote to use is the white, BN remote.

Q: How long to run “Immune System Stimulation –PROV” with remote?

A: The recommendation of five runs is for Contact Mode. The safest way to translate that into Remote Mode time is to multiply by 20, which gives you 100. Each one runs for 112 minutes when used with a Dwell Multiplier of 1 (recommended). This means that the MINIMUM time taken to do five will be 100 x 112 = almost 8 days non-stop.

However, I’d advise running it for a further day and a half – 120 runs, equivalent to six Contact Mode sessions.

For more details, please check:

Q: I have a person that has nerve damage from surgery, has neuropathy in her leg and foot but has a nerve stimulator implanted in her back. Is it safe to run her on the remote since it uses scalar waves?

A: I don’t think you have to worry about remote interfering. If there is a conflict, I think the signs will appear subtly enough that you will have time to adjust or stop or change what you are doing.

For more details, please check the link:

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