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Spooky Treatment Choices 2

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Before you use Spooky2 to tackle any problem, you have a number of very important things to consider first:

A. Which preset type – killing or healing?

If your health problem is due to an organism, you need to kill it. Diagnoses ending in “-itis” usually mean inflammation caused by infection with a pathogen, so you would normally kill first, then heal the inflammation. Healing generally involves normalizing or stimulating an errant organ or body system, and it also covers detox and all non-pathogenic illnesses.

Check this link about how to distinguish healing and killing frequencies:

B. Which mode – plasma, contact, or remote?

Plasma: well-designed and implemented plasma is quickest and most powerful. The very best available today at any price comes from the Spooky team – Spooky Central.

Contact: used with a dynamic carrier, this comes next for speed and power.

Remote: scalar DNA treatment has been vastly improved by the introduction of Spooky Remote v1.1, such that it has gained on contact mode. The convenience of Remote Mode makes it a winner.

For serious conditions, I would do one plasma or contact session daily, then switch that generator to Remote Mode.

For the differences between each mode, please check this link:

C. Which Spooky Remote – BN or MN?

Both Remotes kill. And both Remotes heal. A Spooky Remote v1.1 Magnetic North (black foam top) will kill slightly quicker than a Bio North model (white foam top), but we don’t recommend using it non-stop for longer than 4-5 days because it can produce unpleasant side effects such as irritation, mood swings, and even (in many cases) a return of symptoms. It should never be used for pest or mould eradication.

A Spooky Remote v1.1 Bio North (white) will kill pathogens, too, only not quite as quickly as a Magnetic North, but it’s quicker for healing, repair, and regeneration. The Bio North model can be used continuously without problems, making it a far better and easier-to-manage option for serious conditions where longer-term application is required.

For more details about the differences between Spooky Remote BN and MN, please check this link:

D. What source of DNA for Remote?

Please check this blog for details:

Here’s a good way to package your nail clippings using paper tape:

E. Database sets, Pulse results, or Spectrum sweeps?

Please check this link for details:

Source: Spooky2_User’s_Guide_20161009

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  1. I plan to purchase my Spooky2 by December 21.

    Is it possible that there would be someone in North America who could coach me as I venture into this experience?

    Steve Blubaugh
    1. Dear Steve. You can ask in our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/. There are many North American who have Spooky2 there.

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